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If your UK internet service and equipment provider is BT (and probably any other of the large UK ISP's), then it is a trivial matter for GCHQ and its agencies to route a duplicate of all your traffic to a spook server, access your home computer network, install malware and retrieve any passwords and encryption keys stored on it. You have been warned.

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png report  by The Adversaries dated 2013/12/04
Subjects: UK/Mass surveillance
Source: Cryptome (Link)

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Full Disclosure

The Internet Dark Age


When the Government, Telecommunications companies and Internet Service Providers, implant secret spying equipment in your home without your knowledge or consent under the guise of something else, then use that equipment to infect your computers and spy on your private network activity (not the internet), we believe you have a right to know.

It is not possible to make these claims without actual proof and without naming the actual companies involved. These events coincide with the global surveillance systems recently disclosed and they further confirm the mass scale of the surveillance and how deeply entrenched the Governments are in our personal lives without our knowledge. The methods we disclose are a violation of security and trust. Good Information Security (InfoSec) dictates that when we discover such back doors and activity, we analyze, understand, publicize and fix/patch such security holes. Doing otherwise is morally wrong.

What is revealed here is the missing piece to the global surveillance puzzle, that answers key InfoSec questions which include:

How do the NSA/GCHQ perform Computer Network Exploitation?

We reveal the actual methods used by the NSA/GCHQ and others that allows them to instantly peer into your personal effects without regard for your privacy, without your knowledge and without legal due process of law, thus violating your Human Rights, simply because they can.


The risks taken when such activity is undertaken is “Being Discovered” and the activity being “Publicly Exposed”, as well as the “Loss of Capability”

Source of this Information

“The simple knowledge that we may be clandestinely observed in our own homes provided the determination to find the truth, which we did.”

This information is not the result of any knowledge of classified documents or leaks, but based on information in the public domain and our own fact finding mission due to Forensic and Network Analysis Investigations of private SOHO networks located in the UK.

As we detail the methods used, you will see that information was uncovered fairly, honestly and legally and on private property using privately owned equipment.

UK Law

There is no law that we are aware of that grants to the UK Government the ability to install dual use surveillance technology in millions of homes and businesses in the UK. Furthermore, there is no law we are aware of that further grant the UK Government the ability to use such technology to spy on individuals, families in their own homes on the mass scale that this system is deployed. If there are such hidden laws, the citizens of the UK are certainly unaware of them and should be warned that such laws exist and that such activity is being engaged in by their own Government. All of the evidence presented is fully reproducible.

It is our belief that this activity is NOT limited to the UK.


BT are directly responsible for covertly embedding secret spy equipment in millions of homes and businesses within the UK as our evidence will demonstrate.

BT have directly enabled Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) of all its home and business customers

Technical Nature of this Information

The information described here is technical, this is because, in order to subvert technology, the attackers need to be able to fool and confuse experts in the field and keep them busy slowing them down , but regardless, the impact and effect can be understood by everybody.

Your main take away from this disclosure is to understand conceptually how these attacks work, you can then put security measures in place to prevent such attacks...

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