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The food industry lobby are lobbyists for the food industry.

Official narrative

Wikipedia does not have a page on the lobbying arm of the food industry.

International Food Information Council

Corrupt Food Industry - Lobbying Against Health - Meat Consumption - Documentary

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) is a trade group funded by large food and agrichemical companies, with a nonprofit “public education arm” the IFIC Foundation. The IFIC groups conduct research and training programs, produce marketing materials and coordinate other industry groups to communicate industry spin about food safety and nutrition. Messaging includes promoting and defending sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, food additives, pesticides and genetically engineered foods.[1]

In 2017, an internal Monsanto document identified IFIC as an “industry partner” in Monsanto’s public relations plan to discredit the World Health Organization’s cancer research team, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), to “protect the reputation” of Roundup weedkiller.[1]

IFIC coordinated 130 groups via the Alliance to Feed the Future on messaging efforts to “improve understanding” about genetically engineered foods. Members include the American Council on Science and Health, the Calorie Control Council, the Center for Food Integrity and The Nature Conservancy.[1]



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