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"9-11/Israel did it"Israeldidit.jpgEvidence for the proposition that the Israeli deep state was involved in the 9-11 event.
"ADHD"ADHD.jpgA highly sketchy disease that big pharma seems to be cooking up in connection with the forced schooling industry.
"Antisemitism"BW anti-semite.jpgpoliticalAn etymological misnomer with no substantive meaning. In current widespread use to demonise people deemed to be threatening to cherished Judaic official narratives and to close down rational debate. A more accurate description of those it is applied to would be "people who Jews don't like"
"Bad apple"Bad apple.jpgThe phrase "bad apple" is used by corporate media in cases of blatant corruption. This generally avoids enquiry into the systemic causes of corruption.
"Bailout"Bailout.jpgA globally organised shift of money from ordinary taxpayers to the already hyper-rich who control the banking and political systems.
"Conspiracy mindset"Conspiracy mindset.jpgA tool of the deep state to undermine opposition. Anyone who believes in high level corruption (holds "conspiracy beliefs") is assumed to be mentally abnormal and deficient, although the majority of the population do so.
"Conspiracy theorist"Tinfoil Hat Guy.jpgAn enemy image used for ad hominem attacks on people as a way of misdirecting attention away from their arguments
"Conspiracy theory"Always-you-with-that-conspiracy-stuff.jpgAn enemy image used to equate scepticism of government with craziness. It was developed by the CIA to try to contain doubt about the FBI's "Oswald did it, case closed" approach to the JFK assassination. It is now being associated with dangerous and violent insanity, in an effort to promote internet censorship of free speech.
"Counter-extremism"Counter-extremism.jpgLike "counter-terrorism", supposedly a force to counter "extremism". In practice, such efforts deserve closer scrutiny, not least because of the plastic nature of the word "extremism".
"Counter-terrorism"Counter-terrorism.jpgA component of the military-industrial-terrorism-congressional complex which has seen a dramatic growth since 9-11.
"Cyberterrorism"Cyberterrorism.jpgThe use of computers by "terrorists" to cause disruption. This is an arena in which the determination of responsibility is particularly difficult, and therefore false flag attacks arethat much more easy.
"Domestic extremism"An enemy image used to try to justify repression of alternative ideas
"Enemy combatant"A legal euphemism to create a category of persons who do not qualify for prisoner-of-war status under the Geneva Conventions.
"Extraordinary rendition"Extraordinary rendition lego.jpg
"Extremism"Extremism.jpg"Extremism" is used as a more modern replacement for "terrorism", one that is used to facilitate the criminalisation of ideas as well as just actions. It polarises the world into the normal ("mainstream") and the abnormal, unhealthy ("extreme").
"Fake News"Fake News.jpg"Fake news website" is a meme started after the 2016 US election, to disparage websites that dissent from the opinions expressed by commercially-controlled media.
"Financial services"
"Free market"Free market.jpgeconomicThe neocon economic system.
"Hate crime"Truth is hate for those that hate the truth.jpgThe phrase "hate crime" is a plastic phrase associated with the "hate speech" effort to stifle free speech on the internet.
"Hate group"Gay black jewish klansmen.jpgAn enemy image which appears to be part of the effort to support the ongoing project to criminalize free speech.
"Hate speech"Hate speech.jpgAn enemy image mobilised to facilitate legal restriction of free speech.
"Holocaust Denier"Holocaust denier.jpgenemy imageA demonising epithet applied by the Establishment to anyone who publicly qestions any of the three fundamental tenets of 'The Holocaust'
"Humanitarian intervention"Humanitarian intervention.jpgThe claim of intervening in other countries for their citizens own good. This falls flat when made by the same countries which fund or otherwise instigate these countries unrest. An old and increasingly tired excuse for wars of aggression.
"Intellectual property"Intellectual property.jpglegal
"Iraq/WMD"Iraq WMD.png
"Islamic terrorism"Islamic terrorism.jpg
"Islamic terrorist"Islamic terrorist.jpgThe canonical modern enemy image, called to mind by legislators as they write laws that clamp down on civil liberties and step up mass surveillance.
"Lone nut"Lee Harvey Oswald mugshot.jpgLee Harvey Oswald is an illustrative "lone nut". According to the (original) official narrative he was killed in police custody by another lone nut. He was connected to the US intelligence community, and on his arrest he described himself as "a patsy". The commercially-controlled media continue to obscure the later finding of the HSCA, that JFK was killed by a conspiracy.
"Mainstream"As opposed to "extreme"
"National interest"
"National security"National security.jpgLike the idea of 'Patriotism', the notion of 'National Security' is one designed to bind all members of a society together. By evoking fear of its opposite it creates a suitable psychological frame for the abdication of personal responsibility to the nation state. In the 21st century, the concept is repeated like a mantra in en effort to justify ever more opaqueness in the workings of governments tired of legal restrictions such as rights of their citizens.
"Non-violent extremism"Non violent extremism.jpgAn enemy image used to try to justify violent repression of those who advocate non-violent change.
"Open government"Open government.jpgA term used to promote faith in government.
"Radicalisation"Radicalisation.jpgTogether with "extremism" this word is one of many which deep states are seeking to use to demonize dissent by equating truth telling and earnest inquiry with violence, as a tool to facilitate internet censorship.
"Russian Propaganda"Russian Propaganda.jpg"Russian Propaganda" is much talkad about recently by NATO-aligned countries.
"Security service"The phrase "security service" is used to describe groups which, often explicitly exempt from national laws, carry out not only intelligence gathering operations, but also assassinations and murders. This article clarifies why the phrase "security service" is not used in this way on this website.
"Sovereign immunity"Sovereign immunity.jpglegalThe legal doctrine, applicable in many countries of the world, that national governments and government officials are effectively 'above the law', i.e. cannot be tried.
"Terror drill"Terror drill.jpgTerror drills are part of the "war on terror". In theory, they help defend against "terrorists". In practice, they are also used to stage false flag events. This article notes that many such events seem to coincide with or immediately presage actual attacks.
"Terrorism expert"
"Terrorism"UA Flight 175 hits WTC south tower 9-11 edit.jpgThose atrocities which are not committed by governments.
"Terrorist"Terrorism identification chart.jpgSomeone who commits an act of "terrorism"
"US/National security"Us national security.jpglegal, fraudA legal loophole controlled by the Cabal.
"Useful idiot"
"Violent extremism"A modern synonym for "terrorism". It introduced the phrase "non-violent extremism", which was used to extend "anti-extremism" laws towards the explicitly non-violent.
"War on Terror"Nofear.jpgfrontThe campaign, launched by the USA under the Presidency of George W. Bush with the support of the UK, and most NATO members (at least formally) and other Western-aligned countries. Nominally a response to the events of 11 September 2001, its stated objective is the elimination of so called 'terrorist organisations', it was in fact conceived long before by a group of terrorist experts, including his father and the groundwork laid at a 1979 conference in Jerusalem.
"Weapon of mass destruction"WMD.pngtechnology, propaganda
"Witch"An enemy image used in the Middle Ages that was acted as a cover for expropriation of property, a forerunner of the modern day "terrorist"
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