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This SMWObject has status "stable". Wikispooks currently has 1759 pages which use Template:Concept (2 with a description and 1027 of them Stubs).

This is a catch-all object, to be used on all pages where the other objects don't apply. Extra top level objects will probably be split off from it in due course.

Recent Edits

Concept Concept

Weapons testing.jpg Weapon/Testing 15 September 2020 12:38 (7.8 K)
Concept.png "Violent extremism" 14 September 2020 13:36 (2.4 K) Wikipedia-26px.png
Enemy Image.png Enemy image 13 September 2020 19:09 (7.6 K)
Islamic terrorism pawns.jpg "Islamic terrorism" 13 September 2020 17:07 (3.2 K) Wikipedia-26px.png
COVID-19 Pathology.jpg COVID-19/Pathology 12 September 2020 13:59 (18 K)
QAnon.jpg QAnon 17 September 2020 11:46 (3.8 K) Wikipedia-26px.png
Chemtrails.jpg Chemtrails 11 September 2020 21:16 (6.2 K) Wikipedia-26px.png
Mass surveillance Technology.jpg Mass surveillance/Technology 11 September 2020 20:41 (10 K)


An example

Page nameImageTypeDescription



Page nameImageTypeDescription
"9-11/Israel did it"Israeldidit.jpg
"Advanced persistent threat"
"Antisemitism"BW anti-semite.jpgpolitical
"Bad apple"Bad apple.jpg
"Climate change"Climate change.jpg
"Conspiracy mindset"Conspiracy mindset.jpg
"Conspiracy theorist"Tinfoil Hat Guy.jpg
"Conspiracy theory"Always-you-with-that-conspiracy-stuff.jpg
"Continuity of Government"COG.pngplan
"Countering disinformation"
"Domestic extremism"
"Enemy combatant"
"Ethical trolling"
"Extraordinary rendition"Extraordinary rendition lego.jpg
"Extreme left"
"Extreme right"
"Fact checker"Fact checker.png
"Failed state"
"Fake News"Fake News.jpg
"Fake news website"
"Financial services"
"Fly the plane"
"Free market"Free market.jpgeconomic
"Hate crime"Truth is hate for those that hate the truth.jpg
"Hate group"Gay black jewish klansmen.jpg
"Hate speech"Hate speech.jpg
"Hate symbol"
"Holocaust Denier"Holocaust denier.jpgenemy image
"Human resource"Human resource.jpg
"Humanitarian intervention"Humanitarian intervention.jpg
"Intellectual property"Intellectual property.jpglegal
"Iraq/WMD"Iraq WMD.png
"Islamic terrorism"Islamic terrorism pawns.jpg
"Islamic terrorist"Islamic terrorist.jpg
"Lone nut"Lee Harvey Oswald mugshot.jpg
"National interest"
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