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Place.png Galicia
(Spanish autonomous community)
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Galicia is an autonomous community of Spain.


Galicia is located in Atlantic Europe. It is bordered by Portugal to the south, the Spanish autonomous communities of Castile and León and Asturias to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. It had a population of 2,701,743 in 2018 and a total area of 29,574 km2 (11,419 sq mi). Galicia has over 1,660 km (1,030 mi) of coastline,including its offshore islands and islets.

Cocaine Smuggling

Galician clans are drug smuggling groups in the region. Due to the activities of these clans, Galicia is often cited as being the main European entry point for Colombian cocaine.[1]

Traditionally the region of Galicia made its money from the fishing industry, to which the coastal geography of the region lent itself. Following the crippling of the fishing industry, local fishermen began smuggling tobacco to keep their business alive. The successfulness of these tobacco smuggling activities led to the creation of clan-based groups who made their entire living off smuggling.[2]

It was when local criminal clans began making contacts in Colombia and Morocco that the illegal smuggling business began to thrive. Using their Colombian and Moroccan contacts, Galician organized crime groups traffic cocaine and hashish, aside from illegal tobacco, into the Spanish mainland. From Galicia it is distributed to major cities in Spain via other Galician contacts or via criminal groups consisting of Colombian expatriates.[3]

Amancio Ortega

La Coruña is the headquarters of Inditex (Zara), the world's largest fashion retailer. It was created by the very reclusive Amancio Ortega, one of the world's five richest men, who according to the official story created his fortune starting as a shop hand for a local shirtmaker in the still very poor Spain.

Political Corruption

Allegations of political corruption arose when pictures were found of Galician premier Alberto Núñez Feijóo vacationing with convicted smuggler Marcial Dorado[4] This had led to local belief that certain Galician crime clans have infiltrated local politics.

The People's Party of Galicia has been accused of being financed with narco money.[5][6]

Some local politicians have also been arrested due to their relation with organized crime, like Alfredo Bea Gondar (mayor of O Grove from 1983 to 1991) or José Ramón Barral Martínez "Nené" (mayor of Ribadumia from 1983 to 2001).[7]



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