Atlantic Ocean

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Place.png Atlantic Ocean
Ocean between Europe, Africa and the Americas

The Atlantic Ocean sits between Europe, Africa and South and North America.

A map of Transatlantic communications cables in this ocean. According to Wikileaks, the US Government named several of these cables crucial infrastructure for their[1] national security



Nation states

Nation stateDescription
BermudaBritish overseas territory. Tax haven famous for the Bermuda Triangle.
Cayman IslandsTax haven in the Caribbean.
Turks and Caicos Islands



Air India Flight 182The biggest mass killing in Canadian history. Bomb blast brought a plane down off the coast of Ireland.
EgyptAir Flight 990Unclear plane disaster. The NTSB concluded this was a deliberate act, the ECAA disputed this conclusion.
Falklands WarA politically very convenient military conflict championed by Margaret Thatcher.
Swissair Flight 111A 1998 crash of the "UN shuttle". It was subject to the most expensive transport accident investigation in Canadian history, the chief forensic scientist of which claimed in 2011 that he was not allowed to pursue clear evidence of an incendiary device.
TitanicThe deadliest peacetime sinking of a superliner or cruise ship in history
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