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An open source search engine written in C/C++.

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Started: 2002
Founder: Matt Wells

Constitutes: search engine

Gigablast is an open source search engine, which was made up of 500,000 lines of C and C++ as of January 2015.[1]

Unbiased nature

As an open source engine, Gigablast is not expected to differentially treat any domain of search topic. As of January 2018, the ISGP site was hit #9 hit on Gigablast for the search term "Dutroux affair" (and was also in the top 10 for Yahoo[2], Bing[3], DuckDuckGo[4], Ecosia[5] and Yandex[6]). By contrast Google, StartPage and all appeared to have blocked the domain for that search term - not listing it in the top 100 hits.

Smaller scope

Gigablast did not list a page from this site on the search term "Wikispooks 7th floor group"[7], suggesting that the page may not have been indexed.[8], Bing[9], Google[10] and Yahoo[11] listed it as #1.