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Membership• Wilhelm Haarmann
• Lutz Raettig
• Kurt Bodewig
• Juergen Chrobog
• Herbert Mai
• Barbara J. McDougall
• Donald C. McKinnon
• Dieter Stöckmann
• Philip Ruddock
• Malcolm Rifkind
• Dov S. Zakheim
• Günter Rexrodt
• Vladimir Lomeiko


Known Participants

5 of the 13 of the participants already have pages here:

Jürgen ChrobogGerman Ambassador to the United States from 1995 to 2001 and State Secretary from 2001-2005. Trilateral Commission. Global Panel Foundation.
Barbara McDougallCanadian member of CFR's Global Board of Advisors, attended he 1993 Bilderberg as Canada/Secretary of State for External Affairs. Atlantic Storm participant
Günter RexrodtGerman Minister of Economics 1993-98.
Malcolm RifkindBritish Conservative politician with many deep state connections
Philip RuddockSpooky Australian Attorney General.