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(author, journalist, publisher, Covid/resistance)
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Austrian author, journalist and book publisher.

Hannes Hofbauer is an Austrian author, journalist and book publisher.

“The current right is green. It combines all the necessary ingredients for this: enthusiasm for war, cancel culture, geopolitical and cultural missionary zeal, affinity for the authoritarian state and a lot of created enemy images. The term fascism is inappropriate for them, because it contained the promise of a common people's body with corresponding isolation from the outside, coupled with an emphasis on racial superiority. The opposite is the case with the new right. It itself says what it stands for: cosmopolitanism and the emphasis on the superiority of its values form a toxic mixture with which internal repression and external expansion are justified.”
Hannes Hofbauer (April 2023)  [1]

Capital interests and the new, green right

The new, green right – like the old one – is driven by capital interests. The change in the composition of leading capital groups means that capital is looking for new allies in society who represent its interests and incorporate them into the broadest possible social consensus. The creeping but steadily advancing replacement of the industrialist by a cybernetic age is creating new leading sectors. These include biotechnology, pharmaceutical and control industries. All other sectors are also relying on more and more self-controlled production methods with new techniques such as nano, robotics, 3D-printing production processes, cognitive techniques and artificial intelligence. Personalized product development and optimizing services – not only in the medical sector – represent new procedures that replace the mass serial production.
The accumulation process triggered by this – and, as we have seen in corona times, massively supported by the state - needs a new ideological basis for its justification. Old right thinking is a hindrance to this. The historian Tove Soiland has pointed out that the well-known right-wing ideologies, which are based on racial discourses, conservative values and anti-egalitarianism, "have become dysfunctional for the requirements of today's capital accumulation."
New ideologues are needed. The long-desired cybernetic upswing seems to have found the ideal partner in the green worldview, which is saturated with identity-political values. To call it "left" because it has retained elements of a socio-critical culture would be wrong, because it contains all the ingredients of a right-wing practice: hatred of the enemy to the point of war enthusiasm, the will to eradicate other opinions and the willingness to give an increasingly authoritarian state structure the responsibility, or even more, the leading role.[2]

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