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FormationMarch 19, 2002
Parent organizationExecutive Office of the President of the United States
LeaderChairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council
SubpageHomeland Security Advisory Council/Chair
Homeland Security Advisory Council/Vice Chair
Membership• William H. Webster
• James R. Schlesinger
• Richard A. Andrews
• Norman R. Augustine
• Kathleen M. Bader
• Elliott Broidy
• Chuck Canterbury
• Frank J. Cilluffo
• Jared L. Cohon
• Ruth A. David
• Louis Freeh
• Lee H. Hamilton
• Glenda Hood
• Herb Kelleher
• Don Knabe
• John Magaw
• Pat McCrory
• Edward Mueller
• Erle A. Nye
• Sonny Perdue
• Richard Stephens
• Lydia W. Thomas
• John F. Williams
• Robert L. Woodson Sr.
• Jeff Moss
• Sidney Taurel

The Homeland Security Advisory Council is part of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. It was created by an Executive Order on March 19, 2002.[1] Naomi Klein, describes it as a brand-new arm of the state created by the Bush regime, the clearest expression of a 'wholly outsourced mode of government':

Although the stated goal was fighting "terrorism", the effect was the creation of the disaster capitalism complex - a fully fledged new economy in homeland security, privatised war and disaster reconstruction tasked with nothing less than building and running a privatised security state, both at home and abroad. The economic stimulus of this sweeping initiative proved enough to pick up the slack where globalisation and the dotcom booms had left off. Just as the internet had launched the dotcom bubble, 9/11 launched the disaster capitalism bubble. "When the IT industry shut down, post-bubble, guess who had all the money? The government," said Roger Novak of Novak Biddle Venture Partners, a venture capitalism firm that invests in homeland security companies. Now, he says, "Every fund is seeing how big the trough is and asking, 'How do I get a piece of that action?'"[2]


Known members

8 of the 26 of the members already have pages here:

Norman AugustineSpooky businessman
Louis Freeh"A legacy of corruption..."
Lee H. HamiltonHaving chaired some key house committees, Hamilton appears to have established himself as a safe pair of hands for handling potentially damaging information, explaining his choice as fallback vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission.
Jeff Moss
Sonny Perdue
James R. SchlesingerUSDSO, DCI, RAND, US Defense secretary
Sidney TaurelUS Bilderberger businessman with long career in Big Pharma Eli Lilly. Member of Homeland Security Advisory Council.
William WebsterA "key member" of Diligence
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