JFK and The Unspeakable

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Publication date2008
Author(s)James W. Douglass
SubjectsJFK Assassination,  The Cabal,  JFK Assassination/Perpetrators
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JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters is a book by James W. Douglass about the assassination of JFK.

"The Unspeakable"

Full article: The Cabal

"The Unspeakable" is a phrase used by Thomas Merton to refer to the hidden power which arranged first the commission and then the, far more demanding, cover-up of the JFK assassination. As a deep state, of course the group has no official name, but is usually referred to on this website as "The Cabal".

“Douglass presents a formidable amount of evidence, some old and some new, against the CIA and covert action agencies within the national security state, and does so in such a logical and persuasive way that any fair-minded reader cannot help but be taken aback; stunned, really. And he links this evidence directly to JFK’s actions on behalf of peace.

He knows, however, that to truly convince he must break a “conspiracy of silence that would envelop our government, our media, our academic institutions, and virtually our entire society from November 22, 1963, to the present.” This “unspeakable,” this hypnotic “collective denial of the obvious,” is sustained by a mass-media whose repeated message is that the truth about such significant events is beyond our grasp, that we will have to drink the waters of uncertainty forever. As for those who don’t, they are relegated to the status of conspiracy nuts. Fear and uncertainty block a true appraisal of the assassination – that plus the thought that it no longer matters.

It matters. For we know that no president since JFK has dared to buck the military-intelligence-industrial complex. We know a Pax Americana has spread its tentacles across the globe with U.S. military in over 130 countries on 750-plus bases. We know that the amount of blood and money spent on wars and war preparations has risen astronomically.”
Edward Curtin (28 November 2009)  [1]


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