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Employment.png Academic 

Academics generally work either teaching or researching in universities or colleges.

Decreasing independence

“In academic institutions, freedom of thought and expression is in retreat in many areas. Administrators of universities have become top-down representatives of government, rather than defenders of the independence of their institutions. Funding is sought from corporations as well as governments: "market forces" is a euphemism for conformity to corporate demands.”
Ivo Mosley (2013)  [1]


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Maria de GoeijApril 2018Deleted this piece of history from her LinkedIn. Now called "thinktank" and having no resignation date.
Johanna MöhringNovember 2013Also programme director
Joris Voorhoeve2011
Robbie SuttonNovember 2001July 2005
Robbie SuttonFebruary 2000October 2001
John Lough19891995
James Sherr19862008International Relations
Phillip Karber1978
Richard McCormack19751977
Chris Donnelly19691973


Related Quotations

John le CarréBig Pharma is also engaged in the deliberate seduction of the medical profession, country by country, worldwide. It is spending a fortune on influencing, hiring and purchasing academic judgement to a point where, in a few years' time, if Big Pharma continues unchecked on its present happy path, unbought medical opinion will be hard to find.”John le Carré
PRIO“Researchers who question the legitimacy of US wars seem to experience being ousted from their positions in research and media institutions.”Ola Tunander6 March 2021