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(author, historian)
James Bacque.jpg
Born19 May 1929
Toronto, Canada
Died13 September 2019 (Age 90)
ResidenceToronto,  Canada
ExposedWWII/War crimes
InterestsWorld War II/War crimes
A historian who exposed allied war crimes at the end of WW2.

James Bacque is a historian.


James Bacque was inspired by reading War And Peace at boarding school in Canada, aged 16.[1]

In 1986, he began researching a book about Raoul Laporterie, a French Resistance hero who saved about 1600 refugees from the Nazis. He discovered that Laporterie had been befriended by many Germans, including Hans Goertz. Goertz reported that Laporterie had got him out of a French run camp in which "25% of the men... died in one month.” What had they died of? "Starvation, dysentery, disease.” This began his investigation into post-war fatalities in allied run prison camps.

Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners of War after World War Two

Full article: Other Losses

James Bacque was widely criticised after publishing Other Losses, which exposed World War II/War crimes committed by the US under Dwight Eisenhower, alleging that at least 800,000 Germans (mostly soldiers) died in camps run by the allies (mainly by the US), illegally deprived of the protections of the Geneva Convention.

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