Jean-Maxime Leveque

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Born9 September 1923
Died29 June 2014 (Age 90)
Shady French financier invited to attend Le Cercle

Jean-Maxime Leveque was a French financier. He was invited to attend Le Cercle, though it is unproved that he did so.


Jean-Maxime Leveque was an advisor to General de Gaulle in the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. CEO of cCF bank from 1976 to 1982, he was fired from his post.

In 1982, he founded an office called the Union National Initiative and Responsibility (UNIR). In 1983, he founded the International Bankers Incorporated (IBI) in Luxembourg, before being recalled as head of Credit Lyonnais from 1986 to 1988.

The French branch of IBI, International Bankers SA (IBSA) made headlines in the 1990s when several executives were detained as part of an investigation into a fraudulent real estate transaction, but the case also includes a judicial component, concerning hidden commissions.

In 1997, he and six others were indicted by judges Gérard Giudicelli and Eva Joly in the case of the IBSA, by then a subsidiary of Credit Lyonnais. Leveque was imprisoned for several months in Paris, but finally being exonerated.

He then chaired the Bank of the Maritime and Financial Union, a French subsidiary of the Italian bank BPN (Banco Popolare di Novara), one of Giancarlo Paretti's backers in his takeover of MGM and a long-time partner of SASEA.