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Place.png Paris
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Paris is the capital city of France. In recent years, it has been subject to an increasing number of Operation Gladio/B style "terrorist" events. The commercially-controlled media has generally accepted that the perpetrators were ISIS or other such "Muslim terrorists".



2015-11 Paris attacks
Ballets rosesFrench VIPaedophile event
Charlie Hebdo shootingJanuary prelude to the November 2015 mass murder in Paris when 139 were killed and 352 injured
Diana Spencer/Premature deathA highly suspicious event.
Le Cercle/2005 (Paris)Exposed 2 days later by the Saudi Embassy in London
Paris Peace Conference, 1919


Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered HereDescription
Agence France-Presse
Avisa Partners
AxaFrench multinational insurance firm with Bilderberg contacts
BNP Paribas
Bank of France
Black CubeSpooky Israeli business intelligence agency
DGSEFrench foreign intelligence agency
ESCP EuropePrivate business school
Elf AquitaineElf was a centerpiece of French neocolonial practices in Africa: influence peddling, corruption, violence, political manipulation, etc.
European Youth CampaignCIA funded organization to promote European integration and create cadre of young politicians
FranceA European nation.
French Institute of International RelationsGroup former by Thierry de Montbrial.
French-American FoundationA long established and relatively public organ of the US to control French politics.
Institut MontaigneFrench deep state 'think tank' filled with multiple bilderbergers.
International Energy AgencyAn organization that was formed after the 1973 oil crisis. The IEA was initially dedicated to never let that happen again, as well as organizing the oil market and making sure big oil stays ahead of other energy sources.
Le Monde
Lycée Louis-le-Grand
Mines ParisTech
OECDDedicate itself to help "democracy" and a "good world economy". Originally started to fund Western Europe in the cold war.
OEECThe Organisation for European Economic Co-operation
Pantheon-Sorbonne University
Paris Institute of Statistics
Paris Nanterre University
Publicis GroupeFrench multinational advertising and public relations company
Resistance International
Sciences Po
University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas
University of Paris-Sud
École Normale Supérieure


Jobs here

Monique Garnier-LançonAdjointe au maire19771989Security advisor? Deputy Mayor?
Ulrik Vestergaard KnudsenDenmark/Ambassador to the OECD and UNESCO20082009
Ed KronenburgFirst SecretaryNovember 1978December 1982
Ed KronenburgJanuary 1985April 1988Head Budget and Financial Studies Division at OECD, (secondment)


Alumni on Wikispooks

Boutros Boutros-Ghali14 November 1922
Jean-François Copé5 May 1964FrancePoliticianFrench politician
Pascal Lamy8 April 1947FranceDeep state functionary
Multi-Bilderberg former Director-General of the World Trade Organization
Fleur Pellerin29 August 1973FranceBusinessperson
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