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Interests • Kenneth Trentadue
• Oklahoma City bombing

Jesse C. Trentadue is a US attorney whose brother, Kenneth Michael Trentadue died in prison under highly suspicious circumstances connected to the Oklahoma City bombing.[1]


Jesse Trentadue is a US lawyer who has practiced in all areas of civil trial practice.[1]

Jesse Trentadue on his brother's death

OKC Bombing

Jesse Trentadue became interested in the OKC Bombing after his brother, Kenneth Trentadue, was arrested for probation violations, and later found dead, purportedly from a suicide, although his body had been heavily bruised and cut. "I did not start out to solve the Oklahoma City bombing, I started out for justice for my brother's murder, but along the way, every path I took, every lead I got, took me to the bombing."[2]

Jesse Trentadue was informed by Timothy McVeigh that Kenneth Trentadue had been killed by the FBI because they suspected that he was Richard Lee Guthrie, whom Jesse believes was 'John Doe 2'. He sued the government for information, and was given teletypes which established that FBI Director Louis Freeh had Elohim had called Elohim city 2 days before the OKC bombing. He also discovered CIA documents, which claimed they could not give him documents for reasons of "national security". He was granted various CCTV tapes (not the ones of the Murrah building) but they all have omissions between 8:54 and 9:02, ostensibly because the tapes were being changed.[3]

US judge Dale A. Kimball ruled in 2006 that Trentadue had "unearthed significant evidence of foul play" in the case of his brother.[4]

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