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Born14 April 1915
Trondheim, Norway
Died31 October 1999 (Age 84)
Oslo, Norway
Alma materNorwegian Institute of Technology
Parents• Eigil Lorck
CEO of Elkem, a ferroalloys ,steel and aluminum maker

Karl Lorck was a Norwegian businessman and (maybe) officer.


A Norwegian officer named Lorck particpated as observer for the Navy at a closed parliamentary meeting in 1939 on the defense budget.[1]

He presumably participated in the spring campaign of 1940 after the German blitz attack, before the Norwegian surrender in June. There is a mention of him from 1940, "On 5 October, Quisling established the Civil Administration for the Army and Navy, as a separate department under the new Ministry of the Interior. Major Finn H. Kjelstrup became head of administration. Helgerud became expeditionary officer and Colonel A. Løchen, Commander [kommandørkaptein] K. Lorck, Lieutenant Colonel M. Mjøllner office managers". On October 12, Helgerud was pressured by Major Andreas V. Thue, and Major Henrik Bjerkelund was promoted to chief of staff, as part of the Nazification of the administration."[2]

He must have left the Nazified administration at some time after that, and Karl Lorck (b.1915) re-interned by the German occupiers 24.8.43–8.5.45.[3]


Lorck was director at the shipyard A/S Fiskaa Verk, Kristiandsand 1939-46; worked at the New York office of Elektrokemisk A/1946-50; Elektrokemisk A/S in Oslo since 1950,director there from 1956.

Director of Elkem since 1960.[4] Throughout the 1960s and beyond Elkem expanded, primarily in Norway within aluminium, mining and finished products. In 1972 the company merged with the iron works Christiania Spigerverk and continued with an international expansion within ferroalloys and steel. In 1981-84 Elkem acquired Union Carbides plants in Norway and North America.

Chairman Norway-America Association 1985-89.


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The 24th Bilderberg Meeting, 98 guests
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