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Flag of Norway.svg
Capital cityOslo
LocationEurope, Nordics, Northern Europe
LeaderPrime Minister of Norway
Typenation state
Interest ofAndrew Thorne
Member ofInternational Energy Agency, NATO, OECD
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Norway is the most northerly European nation state.


In 2020 Norway has been aggressively pushing supranational deep state policies.

Mass surveillance

Reportedly expected to be finalized in June 2020, the Norwegian secret services are legally allowed to perform mass collection of metadata that crosses the borders to Norway. The information will be stored for 18 months, to "identify foreign threats"and "find digital clues to the co-conspirators" in Norway, said parliamentary committee leader Michael Tetzschner. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority criticized the law heavily, and stated "This will generate huge amounts of data about almost all Norwegian citizens, about our everyday, legal and ordinary communication, for the use of the intelligence service".[1]

Covid-19 Secrecy

The Corona Commission reviewing the decision to lock down the country in March 2019 against Covid-19, will have a 60 year confidentially clause.[2] Originally the government wanted an extended 100 year confidentially clause, but relented, and agreed to the standard 60 year clause "for personal matters, as well as operational and trade secrets." This wish for secrecy have led journalists' union to point it fits a pattern, that the journalists "have struggled to gain access during the pandemic, and the duty of confidentiality has been used as a pretext to withhold important knowledge and block free public debate.[3] In November 2020, Norway’s National Institute for Public Health estimated that "The lethality rate for COVID-19 in Norway is 0.12%”.[4]

"An important part of Norwegian history does no longer exist"

Ministerial Councilor Bjørn-Inge Larsen in the Ministry of Health was one of the key people when the major decision on lockdowns were made. According to a previously secret letter the Corona Commission received from the ministry last autumn, it is confirmed that all SMSs to Bjørn-Inge Larsen were deleted.

Minister of Health Bent Høie stated to media that all contact he had with Health Director Bjørn Guldvog until the decision to lock down was made on March 12, 2020, went via Larsen. Thus, an important part of the most dramatic days in Norwegian history is no longer possible to document. As much of the communication between the key people happened via SMS, and these have now been deleted for good, it will be almost impossible to reconstruct and verify what was communicated in these fateful days.

The reason for the deletion is to be "technical problems with receiving SMSs from the mobile phones of Ministerial Councilor Bjørn-Inge Larsen", as well as limited storage of mobile data.

If that was not enough, it turns out that the notes of health director Bjørn Guldvog are also gone, according to a meeting minutes that Aftenposten has had access to. Guldvog regrets this, and refers to many loose notes that were not systematized under strong time pressure. In hindsight, he realizes that this was unwise.[5][6]

The deletion of documentary evidence is similar to what happened in Denmark.

"Hate Speech"

Full article: “Hate speech”

In November 2020, the Norwegian legislature adopted (without a vote) a criminal law to punishes people for "hate speech" toward transgender people, including in their own home or private conversations.[7]

Deep state

Full article: Norway/Deep state
Norway Deep state.png

The Norwegian Deep state was connected to the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, set up in 1909.[clarification needed] After the country was occupied by Germany during World War II, resistance leader Jens Christian Hauge emerged as a post-war deep politician. He was Norwegian Minister of Defence from 1945-1952.

Child sex abuse

After "one of the largest child sex abuse cases in history", Norwegian police announced in November 2016 that a year-long special investigation entitled “Operation Darkroom” had resulted in the seizure of 150 terabytes of photos, movies and chat logs containing atrocities against young children. The Washington Post briefly reported on the story,[8] but later withdrew the page. Over 50 people are accused, including “highly educated” individuals, including two former or current elected politicians, one teacher, a lawyer and a police officer.[9]


An event carried out

2011 Attacks on LibyaLibya"Perhaps one of the most egregious examples of US military aggression and lawlessness in recent memory", carried out under a pretext of "humanitarian intervention".


Related Quotations

PRIO“Researchers who question the legitimacy of US wars, seem to experience being ousted from their positions in research and media institutions.”Ola Tunander6 March 2021
Erna Solberg“It was not an attempt at a coup, it was an attempt to make people's everyday lives work.”Erna SolbergMarch 2021


Ambassadors to Norway

Nation stateStartDescription
Ambassador to Norway
UK/Ambassador to Norway



2011 Norway attacksA car bomb in Oslo and subsequent mass shooting at a summer camp in Norway on 22 July 2011, claiming a total of 77 lives.
Bilderberg/1982The 30th Bilderberg, held in Norway.


Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered HereDescription
International Democrat Union
Norges Bank
Norwegian Defence University CollegeOffers 'leadership courses' for key military and civilian decision-makers
Norwegian Institute of International AffairsA semi-official foreign policy think tank
Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
Norwegian Shipowners' Association
Oslo Commerce SchoolA traditional mercantile high school in "the best part" of Oslo.
The Norwegian Armed Forces Intelligence SchoolNorwegian intelligence school
University of BergenNorway's second most important university
University of Oslo


Citizens of Norway on Wikispooks

Torvild Aakvaag27 January 19279 July 2017Single Bilderberg Director General of Norsk Hydro
Henrik Aasarød28 July 19288 April 2000Attended the 1984 Bilderberg as President of The Norwegian Seafarers' Union
Svein Aaser7 October 1946Single Bilderberg Norwegian businessman. Led Foundation for Social and Business Research & The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
Kjetil Alstadheim26 September 1968Single Bilderberger Norwegian journalist and editor
Johan Andresen25 July 1961Double Bilderberg billionaire.
Nils Astrup12 November 19355 September 2005Norwegian shipowner who headed up the Norwegian Shipowners' Association
Jon Fredrik Baksaas1954Resigned as CEO of Telenor after corruption exposed.
Eivinn Berg31 July 193123 September 2013Possible deep state operative, attended the 1985 Bilderberg as Permanent Representative of Norway to NATO. Died in a car crash
Finn Bergesen3 September 194511 September 2012Norwegian deep state connected businessman
John Bernander22 September 1957
Halvdan Bjorum23 July 1926
Karl Gether Bomhoff18421925
Erik Braathens31 October 1955Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Braathens.
Svein Richard Brandtzæg23 December 1957Member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Trygve Bratteli11 January 191020 November 1984Attended the 1977 Bilderberg as former Prime Minister of Norway
Anders Breivik13 February 1979Convicted of planting the bomb that killed 8 people in central Oslo, Norway, followed by the shooting to death of 66 teenagers on a nearby camping island on 22 July 2011
Tor Brekke3 March 19346 March 2009tunnel building expert
Børge Brende25 September 1965President of the World Economic Forum
Erik Brofoss21 June 19087 May 1979
Arne Olav Brundtland16 October 1936Single Bilderberger academic married to Norwegian PM and big pharma lobbyist Gro Harlem Brundtland.
Gro Harlem Brundtland20 April 1939Deep state/WHO connected Prime Minister/DG, concerned about "too much freedom of speech"
Tor-Aksel Busch17 March 1950
Kristin Clemet20 April 1957Triple Bilderberger Norwegian politician
Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen8 February 192419 December 1989
Per Ditlev-Simonsen12 June 1932Mayor of Oslo who resigned after revelations about his Swiss bank account.
Espen Barth Eide1 May 1964Attended the 2013 Bilderberg as Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Trine Eilertsen1 May 1969Norwegian journalist and editor who wrote about the "mythical gathering" after being criticised for attending the 2015 Bilderberg.
Hans Engen22 August 19126 April 1966Permanent Representative of Norway to the United Nations for 5 years, reportedly died in a skiing accident
Rolf Rynning Eriksen1 November 19117 March 1994
Grete Faremo16 June 1955
Moe Finn12 October 19026 August 1971Norwegian journalist and politician who attended the 1956 Bilderberg
Knut Frydenlund31 March 192726 February 1987Norwegian minister who attended 2 Bilderbergs in the early 1980s. Died suddenly, reportedly after a cerebral hemorrhage reported in Oslo's Fornebu Airport.
Svein Gjedrem25 January 1950Attended he 2003 Bilderberg as Central Bank Governor of Norway
Bjørn Grydeland30 May 1949Norwegian diplomat who attended the 2005 Bilderberg
Christian Hambro18 May 1946Norwegian civil servant who attended the 2000 Bilderberg as Director of the Research Council of Norway
Rolf Hansen23 July 192026 July 2006As Norway's Minister of Defence, he kept a lid on Operation Gladio. Attended the 1978 Bilderberg when he was considered for future PM
Jens Christian Hauge15 May 191530 October 2006Bilderberg Steering Committee, Pivotal Norwegian deep politician post-WWII
Jens Haugland16 April 19102 May 1991
Håkon Haugli21 May 1969
Per Egil Hegge6 March 1940Spooky Norwegian journalist and editor
Vidar Helgesen21 November 1968Attended the 2018 Bilderberg.
Sturla Henriksen
Jens Heyerdahl17 February 1943Norwegian CEO and newspaper owner who attended the 2001 Bilderberg
Johan Jørgen Holst29 November 193713 January 1994Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Died aged 56
Per Hysing-Dahl31 July 19207 April 1989Mentioned as possible defense minister in 1981, at time of Bilderberg meeting. Instead appointed President of the Norwegian Parliament (Storting)
Leif Höegh21 April 189623 May 1974Bilderberg Steering committee, as was his son
Westye Höegh30 December 1942President of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, Bilderberg Steering committee
Leif Ø. Høegh1964Third generation Bilderberg member
Odd Højdahl5 January 192123 February 1994Labour union bureucrat and politician
Thorbjørn JaglandTrilateral Commission,Prime Minister, Nobel Prize Committee
... further results


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