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Concept.png Lightning 
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What are the odds of being killed by lightning? 1 in 138,849.[1]

Lightning kills around 27 Americans each year.[2]

One of these was reportedly Jay Freres, who pressured Michael Springmann to give visas to some of the "19 hijackers".[3][4]

"COVID-19 death"

The Alachua Chronicle reported on 27 July 2020 that a 35-year old man who died after being struck by lightning strike was listed as a "COVID death".[5]

Electromagnetic Pulse

Full article: Electromagnetic Pulse

Lightning can cause an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), a short burst of electromagnetic energy, that can disable electrical systems. If triggered by nuclear weapons, they can cause extensive, even apocalyptic, damage.


A Lightning victim on Wikispooks

Jay FreresUSDSO who pressured Michael Springman to give visas in Jaddah. Supposed victim of a lightning strike.
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