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The prime minister of Luxembourg (French: Premier ministre du Luxembourg) is the head of government in Luxembourg. Since 1989, the title of Prime Minister has been an official one, although the head of the government had been unofficially known by that name for some time.

Being a small country wedged between France and Germany, Luxembourgian politicians have an excellent chance of advancing in the European Union system, if they have the right opinions (which most of them do).

Examples of Prime Ministers becoming euro-politicians include Jacques Santer, Jean-Claude Juncker and Gaston Thorn who all three became President of the European Commission; or Joseph Bech, who is considered to be one of the 'Founding Fathers' of the European Union.


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Jean-Claude Juncker20 January 19954 December 2013
Gaston Thorn15 June 197416 July 1979