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(web designer, systems manager)
Founder ofJANCOM

Martin Tancock was born, brought up and educated in Wessex. He is by trade a business analyst and systems designer and by profession a computer systems project manager. Having been forced, through ill-health, to retire early, he retreated to Cyprus where he re-invented himself as a web site designer and developer.

Although never believing in the guilt of Asil Nadir, it was not until being commissioned to develop the web site and analysing hundreds of documents, relating to the destruction of Polly Peck and the trials of Elizabeth Forsyth and Asil Nadir, that Martin came to realise that these were just part of a far greater conspiracy which reaches back to the 1980s, and still clouds the judgement and influences the actions of politicians, civil servants and judges today. [1]


Documents by Martin Tancock

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Secret Justicearticle1 December 2013Arms-to-Iraq
Asil Nadir
Public-interest immunity
A forensic examination of the legal shenanigans surrounding the 2012 trial of Asil Nadir. It clearly demonstrates how all branches of the Establishment can close ranks in defense of the indefensible. When gross illegalities on the part of government and its senior members must be hidden in the alleged Public or National Security interest, then the police, judges, ministers and senior civil servants can be relied upon to do whatever is necessary.
File:Analysis of CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X.pdfanalysis2013File:CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X un-redacted.pdfAn intelligence analysis and authentication of the un-redacted portions of CIA Research Paper SW91-100076X - Project Babylon: The Iraq supergun (1991)
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