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(soldier, mercenary, arms dealer)
Mitchell WerBell III.jpg
BornMarch 18, 1918
Philadelphia, USA
DiedDecember 17, 1983 (Age 65)
Cause of death
"heart attack?, cancer?"

Mitchell Livingston WerBell III was "rumoured to be involved in" the assassination of John F. Kennedy.[1]


Worked for the OSS in Kunming, China, with Ray Cline. Many of the other OSS operatives in China became very active deep state actors in the following decades, such as Paul Helliwell, E. Howard Hunt, Lucien Conein and John K. Singlaub.[2]

Death and courtroom poisoning claim

In the 1989 Cotton Club murder case of Roy Radin, Arthur Michael Pascal, then owner of a Beverly Hills security firm,[3] testified that prosecution witness William Rider, Flynt's former brother in law and private security agent,[3] "told him of poisoning soldier of fortune Mitchell WerBell III in 1983 in order to take over WerBell's counterterrorist school based in Atlanta. Pascal said that Rider and... Flynt, poured four to six ounces of a digoxin, a powerful heart relaxant, into WerBell's drink during a cocktail party at Flynt's Los Angeles mansion. WerBell, 65, a security consultant for Flynt... died of a heart attack at UCLA Medical Center a few days later."[4] Flynt and his attorney, Alan Isaacman, were in Bangkok and "unavailable for comment, according to a Hustler magazine spokeswoman".[4] "Isaacman characterized an earlier Rider claim of a Flynt-paid murder contract as 'fantasy'."[4] Rider passed a polygraph test regarding "possible involvement in homicides," according to courtroom testimony.[4] Pascal was later arraigned on a murder charge due to tapes Rider provided investigators.[3]


It is unclear whether this was naturally caused.

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