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(spook, lawyer, deep state actor)
Paul Helliwell.jpg
BornPaul Lional Edward Helliwell
Died24 December 1976 (Age 61)
Cause of death
"collapsed lung"
Founder ofCastle Bank & Trust, Sea Supply Corporation
Member ofOffice of Strategic Services
Interests • French Connection
• Kuomintang
• CIA/Drug trafficking
• Pritzker family
CIA officer central in setting up the agency's involvement in drug trafficking.

Paul Lional Edward Helliwell was an American lawyer, banker, OSS official, CIA officer, and US deep state actor. He was central in setting up the CIA's involvement in drug trafficking, and had connection to organized crime.

While serving in this capacity he became director of Sea Supply, Inc., Civil Air Transport, Air America, and president of Castle Bank & Trust. [1][2],[1] all of which were CIA proprietary companies. According to The Wall Street Journal, he was "deeply involved" in financing covert actions against Cuba from 1964 to 1975.[3][4]


Helliwell joined the United States Army during World War II. Later he transferred to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). In 1943, with the rank of Colonel, he became head of the Secret Intelligence Branch of the OSS in Europe. Future CIA director William Casey eventually replaced him in 1945.

From Europe, Helliwell moved on to head the Secret Intelligence branch in the OSS China command.[5] While in China, Helliwell commanded, among others, future CIA officer E. Howard Hunt,Ray S. Cline, Richard Helms, Jake Esterline, Mitchell WerBell, John K. Singlaub, Jack Anderson, Robert Emmett Johnson and Lucien Conein. Others working in China at that time included Tommy Corcoran, Whiting Willauer and William Pawley.[6][7][8] He joined the CIA in 1947.

According to the Seagraves, Edward Lansdale found a large cache in caves and tunnels in the Philippines after World War II ended.[9][10] Ray Cline believes that both Paul Helliwell and Robert Anderson created 176 "black gold" banking accounts in 42 countries after moving loot from The Philippines by ship to support future United States operations.[10][11][12][6]

In 1951, he formed a CIA front the Sea Supply Corporation which ran supplies of arms to Thailand police and Kuomintang (KMT, the Chinese National Army fighting against Mao Zedong) forces in Burma for ten years. [13] His companies then used the "empty" planes to fly drugs from Burma to Taiwan, Bangkok, and Saigon. "There the drugs were processed for the benefit of the KMT and Chiang Kai-shek's corrupt government on Taiwan."[6]

Then he had a part in starting a very similar operation in the United States itself. It was at his suggestion that Donovan elected to forge the deep bond (and that exists to this day) between the nation’s intelligence agencies and organized crime.[14]

After the JFK Assassination we went to the Bahamas to establish offshore banks for the CIA. He established the Mercantile Bank and Trust Company and then the Castle Bank and Trust Company. He also ran the American Bankers Insurance Company which provided insurance cover for businessmen who cooperated with the CIA.[15]

Helliwell used Castle and Mercentile in connection with tax-avoidance schemes for a number of famous and infamous people, including American mobsters, prominent Asian politicians, and members of the (mobster connected) Pritzker family of Chicago, which control the Hyatt hotel chain. The Pritzkers later went into business with BCCI's Ghaith Pharaon, who developed Hyatt hotels in Saudi Arabia and Latin America. [16] Helliwell was reported to have played a key role in the purchase of the site for Disney World.[17]

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