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Meet the President: The Monday Club delegation to Croatia, 12 October 1991
FounderRobert Gascoyne-Cecil
Membership• John Biggs-Davison
• Harvey Proctor

The Conservative Monday Club was set up by Le Cercle member, Robert Gascoyne-Cecil to oppose Harold Macmillan’s “Winds of Change” decolonisation policies of the 1960s.[1]

Official narrative

The official website in July 2015 stated that it is dedicated to:

* The monarchy

  • The Sovereignty of a British Parliament under the Crown.
  • Strongly maintaining that Great Britain remains an independent country.
  • Support our cultural and historical heritage.
  • One United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
  • A strong and efficient defence capability
  • The strengthening and maintenance of law and order.
  • A sound economy[2]


Many members of the Monday Club are mentioned in the Mary Moss Elm Guest House VIP Paedophile Party List.[3]

Deep political connections

The origins of the group are closely connected to Le Cercle.

European chair of Le Cercle, Julian Amery, was a member and later patron of The Conservative Monday Club.[4]

John Biggs-Davison, another Cercle member, was an active member.


The Monday Club prepared a coup against the Labour government of Harold Wilson.[5]


Known member

1 of the 2 of the members already have pages here:

John Biggs-DavisonUK politician who attended Le Cercle