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Place.png Muscat
The capital of the British puppet state of Oman.

Muscat is the capital and most populated city in Oman, a petroleum-rich British puppet state on the south-east tip of the Arabian peninsula. It was host of the 1990 meeting of Le Cercle.


The region around Muscat is the economic heart of the country. The port of Mina Sultan Qaboos in the Matrah district is of great importance for the export of oil, which has been transported here in pipelines from all over the hinterland since 1967 and then shipped, since the Sultanate's only refinery and oil loading station is located here. The "black gold" is the mainstay of the Omani economy and accounts for more than 50% of total government revenue. Although the vast surplus of petrodollars is distributed relatively evenly across the country, its impact is most visible and tangible in the capital region.

The total population of Muscat Governorate was 1.4 million as of September 2018.



Le Cercle/1990 (Oman)Start/End dates uncertain
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