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MottoSouvent me Souviens
(I remember often)
One of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford

Lady Margaret Hall (LMH)[1] is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England.[1]


The college is more formally known under its current royal charter as "The Principal and Fellows of the College of the Lady Margaret in the University of Oxford".[2]

The college was founded in 1878, closely collaborating with Somerville College. Both colleges opened their doors in 1879 as the first two women's colleges of Oxford. The college began admitting men in 1979.[1] The college has just under 400 undergraduate students, around 200 postgraduate students and 24 visiting students.[3] In 2016, the college became the only college in Oxford or Cambridge to offer a Foundation Year for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The college's colours are blue, yellow and white. The college uses a coat of arms that accompanies the college's motto "Souvent me Souviens", an Old French phrase meaning "I often remember" or "Think of me often", the motto of Lady Margaret Beaufort, who founded Christ's College and St John's College at Cambridge, and after whom the college is named.


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Dominic Raab25 February 1974Politician
Malala Yousafzai12 July 1997PakistanJournalist
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