Paul M. Smith

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(pilot, 9-11/Premature death?)
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Died7 October 2007
Cause of death
Run over
Helicopter pilot who played a role in 2001. Died in 2007

Not to be confused with Paul Smith (editor)

Paul M. Smith piloted the ABC helicopter which shot the first footage shown of United Airlines Flight 175 hitting the second tower of the World Trade Center on 9-11.


"He'd flown helicopters during the Vietnam War, and later in New York City for WABC-TV, as a news pilot, brought viewers close to countless horrific events: the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the Staten Island ferry crash and the recent steam pipe explosion in Manhattan."[1]


"On 7th October 2007, Paul Smith was killed when he was run over by a cab driver who was cut off by a "black car".[2] The black car was never identified. Cameraman, John Del Giorno was on the chopper with Paul Smith on 9/11. John Del Giorno confirms he was the cameraman in News Chopper 7 on 9/11 who took the first footage aired live "allegedly" of United Airlines Flight 175 hitting the second tower. John Del Giorno has refused to talk about what he saw on 9/11 and no longer responds to reporters. Did he get pressurised into not talking about what he saw ??"[3]