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Status: experimental
This property is used to assess the extent to which the group is free of 'capture' by external forces.

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames in the main namespace that use the template:group
  • Predicate:  Has groupStatus
  • Object:        {fully captured"fully captured" is not a number., largely captured"largely captured" is not a number., semi-captured"semi-captured" is not a number., tainted"tainted" is not a number., independent"independent" is not a number., unknown"unknown" is not a number.} (type Text)

10 Pages use the property "Has groupStatus"

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Page nameHas groupStatus
The Warren Commissioncaptured
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioncaptured
9-11/Joint Congressional Inquirycaptured
House October Surprise Task Forcecaptured
European Medicines Agencycaptured
Jews for justice for Germansindependent
Occupy Centrallargely captured
Status Explanation
fully captured The group is effectively controlled by external forces, has no important decision making capacity.
largely captured The group has a minimal decision making capacity.
semi-captured The group is partially controlled by external forces, but has important decision making capacity of its own.
tainted The group is captured to a small degree, but is largely independent.
independent The group is free of external capture.
unknown The group's independence is uncertain.
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captured  +
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