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Status: experimental
This property is used to attach documents to users ratings, as created by Template:Rate|This property is used to attach documents to users ratings, as created by Template:Rate

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Rating subobjects on user pages
  • Predicate:  Has target
  • Object:        Pages in the Document: namespace (type text)
    Note: See also Property:Has value, which assigns values. Type is TEXT rather than page, for easier output template coding.

112 Pages use the property "Has target"

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Page nameHas target
Robin2001 Anthrax attacks
Robin2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack
Robin2005 London bombings
Robin2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust
Robin2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash
Robin2016 Saumur Daesh Cell
Robin9-11/Premature death
RobinApollo program
RobinArms for Libya
RobinArms for Libya 2.0
RobinAustralia/1975 coup d'état
RobinBarry Jennings
RobinBarry Jennings
RobinCIA/Drug trafficking
RobinCold War Then and Now?
RobinConspiracy theory
RobinCorporate Media
RobinCorporate media
RobinCorporate media/Censorship
RobinCorporate media/Deep state control
RobinCorporate media/Mendacity
RobinDallas occupy plot
RobinDeep State
RobinDeep State
RobinDeep event
RobinDeep politics
RobinDeep state
RobinDeep state/2017 Popularisation
RobinDeep state/Supranational nature
PeterDocument:Battleground Ukraine
RobinDocument:Collateral Damage 911
RobinDocument:Countering Criticism of the Warren Report
PeterDocument:Democratic State v Deep State
RobinDocument:Fifty Years of the Deep State
RobinDocument:Glossary of Open Politics
PeterDocument:Our Secret Servants - The Shayler Affair
PeterDocument:Reset This!
RobinDocument:Reset This!
RobinDocument:The Coup of '63, Part 1
RobinDocument:The Moral Decoding of 9-11
PeterDocument:The Occult Technology of Power
PeterDocument:The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
RobinDocument:The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld
RobinDocument:UK Intelligence And Security Report, 2003
RobinDr Rola
RobinEdwin P. Wilson
RobinFake News
RobinFalse Flag
RobinFalse flag
RobinFreedom of speech
RobinGary Caradori
RobinGeorge H. W. Bush
RobinGeorge H. W. Bush
RobinGeorge H. W. Bush/Exposure
RobinIllegal drug trade
RobinInstitute for Statecraft
RobinIntegrity Initiative
RobinIntegrity Initiative/Leak
RobinJerusalem Conference on International Terrorism
RobinJohn Taylor Gatto
RobinJosé Sanjenís Perdomo
RobinLe Cercle
RobinLone nut
RobinLost and Found ID
RobinMass surveillance
RobinNational security
RobinOfficial narrative
RobinOfficial opposition narrative
RobinOperation 40
RobinOperation Gladio/B
RobinPolice state
RobinRichard Gutjahr
RobinRoland Carnaby
RobinRussian apartment bombings
RobinSexual Blackmail
RobinStrategy of tension
RobinStructural deep event
RobinSunny Sheu
RobinTWA Flight 800
RobinTerror drill
RobinTerror drills
RobinUK/Deep state
RobinUS/Deep state
RobinUS/Deep state
RobinUSS Liberty Incident
RobinWar on Drugs
RobinWar on Terror
RobinWar on Terror/Purposes
RobinWestern Global Airlines N545JN
RobinWillem Matser
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Document:Our Secret Servants - The Shayler Affair  +
Document:The Occult Technology of Power  +
Document:Reset This!  +
Document:The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion  +
File:1984.pdf  +
Document:Battleground Ukraine  +
Document:Democratic State v Deep State  +
Template:ListRatings2  +
Template:ListRatings2  +
Document:The Moral Decoding of 9-11  +
George H. W. Bush  +
George H. W. Bush  +
Operation Gladio/B  +
Conspiracy theory  +
Torture  +
Dallas occupy plot  +
Counter-extremism  +
Assassination  +
Richard Gutjahr  +
Document:The Coup of '63, Part 1  +
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This property is used to attach documents to users ratings, as created by Template:Rate| +
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