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Civil servant. Army family. "Black Ops". Now, trying to live the peaceful life.


Sharing knowledge?


Not a lot these days. Covid, new "career" work.


George Carlin fits it quite well. Answered yes to these questions;


Contact? Please email;


Projects to work on - Mainly a backup mechanism to point them here in mostly chronological order;

1. Descriptions.

2a Yuri Bezmenov, Marietje Schaake, Rita Verdonk, Banned from China list, Wikileaks Dutch vital infra-list - AMS-IX "top users".

3b.HCSS 11 person list/contact, Wikileaks cables + leaders analysis

4. Circular traffic" (Nieuwsuur) - (Joseph Luns). Netherlands/Member of the House of Representatives - similar pages to add to hcard, Willem Drees - Ahmed Aboutaleb, Winnie Sorgdrager, Frans Timmermans, Rob Bertholee, Hindawi Plot,

5. Operation Gladio B; several burned AIVD agents in political parties, 1970s Dutch Terrorist attacks.

6. Klaas Bruinsma's network extension page. Perhaps Westerflier/Cath page or Bruinsma gang page? E. Urka - Max van Der Stoel - Juliana, Joop de Uyl link.

7. Hofstadgroep