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Livermore, California, USA
Alma materUCLA
InterestsDeep state

Robert A. Gore has been published online on various websites, including Zero Hedge and The Burning Platform.[1] His own website is Straight Line Logic.


In July of 2012, Mr. Gore retired from financial services to devote full-time to his writing.


Robert Gore's first novel was published in 2000. He "enthusiastically shuns politics"[2] but publishes on the internet about the deep state. In November 2016, he published a science fiction novel which asks "What if the Fountain of Youth Fell Into the Wrong Hands?".[3]


A Quote by Robert Gore

Government“No matter its guiding “ism,” every government has granted itself the power to initiate violence against its citizens. Just because the ruling agglomerate asserts this privilege doesn’t render it philosophically valid. What it does is legitimate the initiation of violence for any and all causes — domestic and foreign — the government deems proper. Having violated the first principle of nonaggression, nothing can stop that philosophical default from trickling down to the subject population.”11 February 2017Straight Line Logic
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