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The global system of interconnected computer networks.

The Internet is the global network of computers through which you are able to read this. It emerged from the research by DARPA. It experienced rapid growth in the 1990s, as its userbase broadened out beyond large commerical, military and academic institutions. This boom continued in the 21st century as domestic use increased.


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Emerged from a cold war effort to build a communications system that was decentralised, so it could survive a nuclear war.


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The Internet has its own distinctive culture; which has emerged in the 21st Century.


WhoWhatWhy reports that internet 'gatekeeping' is a common phenomenon in Facebook, as editors reported regular manual intervention to add or remove particular news stories from the 'trending' news feed.[1]


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Compared to traditional commercially-controlled media such as newspapers and TV, the internet has negligible barriers to entry, allowing universal output as well as merely input of ideas. This, together with the ease of sharing and recording information, has dramatically increased the difficulty of censorship. Nevertheless, aggressive censorship continues.

Mass Surveillance

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Intelligence agencies, and the NSA in particular, monitor an immense amount of internet traffic, as revealed by whistleblowers such as Thomas Drake. In 2017 the NSA and FBI issued a 10 page official narrative on their mass surveillance which The Register remarked had "obvious and painful contradictions" and "even claims that it is surveilling US citizens for their own protection while at the same time claiming that it is not doing so."[4]



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National Security Agency“I worked with the National Security Agency on the design of a secured version of the internet but we used classified security technology at the time and I couldn't share that with my colleagues. If I could start over again I would have introduced a lot more strong authentication and cryptography into the system.”Vint Cerf7 April 2014
Quotation“The problem with internet quotes is that you cant [sic.] always depend on their accuracy”Abraham Lincoln1864



International Festival of Whistleblowing Dissent and AccountabilityWhistleblowing event held in 2021.



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