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I must say I am extremely disappointed to see that this page filled with KNOWN disinformation about the cause of the buildings collapse exists on WikiSpooks.

edit added: To address the mention of the "peer reviewed paper"

The paper included that references "nano-thermite" was published in which is a pay to publish journal. "The publication fee details for each article published in Bentham OPEN journals are given below:

   Letters Article / Short Communication / Case Report: The publication fee for each published Letter article submitted is US $750.
   Research Articles: The publication fee for each published Research article is US $960.
   Mini-Review Articles: The publication fee for each published Mini-Review article is US $750.
   Review Articles: The publication fee for each published Review article is US $1,060."

The evidence provided in the paper does not in anyway "prove" that thermite was what brought the towers down. If you actual read the entire paper enough times to understand it, you will see that they simple found particles of aluminum and iron spheres.

Both of these anomalies along with MANY others including the rusting seen all over lower Manhattan, and the transmutation of metals seen are explainable by interactions with directed energy weapons.

Exotic vacuum particles EVO's are a form of condensed electrons that can be created with a variety of methods, and there are thousands of people around the world who have published research on EVO's.

These anomolies energy particles have no effect on non conductive material, but they liquify steel, blows holes through steel, melt, and leave transmuted remnants behind. For example when shot through a piece of copper, one will find iron, aluminum, and more rare elements in small amounts at the entry hole.

The use of thermite or explosives alone in no way explains ALL of the available evidence there fore it is CLEAR that this is NOT what caused the towers to turn to dust as they fell.

Do I KNOW for sure how the why the 3 buildings fell, no I do not.

But no one does, and this page implies the false notion that all signs point to thermite/ controlled demolition.

Author Andrew Johnson has written TWO books that are 100% dedicated to shedding light onto the clear disinformation campaigns that led to the thermite theory.

The books highlight suspect behavior of people like Ace Baker and Jim Fetzer along with showing deep state links to the 9/11 truth movement including publishing companies.

When including ALL the available evidence including the lack of material at ground zero, over 1,400 "toasted" cars in manhattan that clearly show anomalous rusting, bending and melting of metal that DID NOT involve high temperatures, the toasted cars at the Pentagon that appear similar to the cars in Manhattan,

the "toasted bodies" of people found at the Pentagon that were NOT burnt, 

and had their skin fried yet there clothes remain intact and without damage from heat, the lack of significant seismic data indicating that the majority of the buildings never even hit the ground and instead somehow turned to dust

While I cannot "disprove the thermite theory" I feel that alternative theories should also have a page and language should be used that leaves the reader open to making up their own minds.

I will start working on a page that takes a more scientific approach to simply looking at the available evidence without jumping to conclusions about what happened that day

Good idea. I put that directed energy stuff finally away when I saw the video interview (which can not so easily be located these days) by AE for 911 Truth with Judy Wood.[1][2][3] But if there is better proof as you say, I would like to have a look at it. Not sure about the thermite study, did they not also highlighted some material (red chips) that could be reignited and that would burn extremely hot, like thermite? -- Sunvalley (talk) 20:12, 7 September 2021 (UTC)

These (red) chips:[4][5]
  • The particles are very small, consistently uniform in shape and size, and intimately mixed throughout the material.
  • The flat plates are mostly aluminum (Al), and about 40 nanometers thick.
  • The grains are about 100 nanometers in diameter, and are mostly iron and oxygen in the same ratio as these elements exist in the Fe2O3 form of iron oxide.
  • The material ignites energetically at a low temperature (430° C) relative to conventional thermite (above 900° C).
  • The residue after ignition contains iron-rich microspheres whose chemical signature matches that of the microspheres produced by commercial thermite.
  • The reaction releases a great deal of energy, about three times as much per unit of weight as is released by conventional high explosives.
--Sunvalley (talk) 21:48, 1 October 2021 (UTC)