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Unreferenced text

I have removed the following unreferenced text from the Kamala Harris article which User:CovertCalifornia posted on 3 December 2019:

She is a U.S. Naval Intelligence Asset associated with the Jewish Mafia circles and the California Burton Machine. She currently sits on the Senate Select Intelligence Committee and is a declared candidate at the Federal Elections Commission in the 2020 Presidential Elections.[citation needed]

Although her actual name is unknown, it is believed her family name is "Brown." She is from Thousand Oaks, California, and dropped out of Newbury Park High School. She was recruited at March Air Force Base and the US Naval Weapons Research facility in Norco, California sometime around 1991 by the US Intelligence Community and Israeli arms trader Arnon Milchan. They scouted her from the print version of a local weekly that was the predecessor of "" At first, she was assigned to various sexual blackmail rings at Jeffrey Epstein's compounds in Calabasas and Marina Del Ray, but due to her stunning performance, a US Air Force Intelligence General at USAF Base Los Angeles who liasoned recommended her for Elite Training in the Inland Empire. At the time, Milchan had picked up the screenplay for a film called "3000" and was adapting it for Walt Disney Productions with a fairy tale ending, and Milchan took repeated trips between El Segundo on California S.R 91 to Norco, and Harris became his carpool. At other times, she would rely on very tiring bus trips between locations. This film would become "Pretty Woman." This predictive programming would form the basis of Kamala Harris's "Legend:" Pretty Woman Goes to Washington, an inside joke based on on Mary Magdalene and Horatio Alger. In the film, the Pretty Woman builds Big Ships in Newport News, Virginia, and this is the end-game of emplacing her in the White House.

To celebrate the election of Harris to the US Senate in 2016 and emplacement to the Select Intelligence Community, the Intelligence Community (recalling the tedious commute from Harris's youthful years) with a grand psyop in Las Vegas in October 2017 called the Rt. 91 Harvest Festival. In other words, they were harvesting what had been planted so long ago in 1991.

Harris's name is a pun on "Camel Toe & Her Ass." She was named after the Kamala Neighborhood in the corrupt city of Oxnard, California where United Fruit has a terminal. Her last name was chosen based on a local minor wrestler named Jason Harris who also chose the stage name Kamala. The wrestling competition advertisements also appeared on the print version of the Backpage issues facing Harris's Escort Ads, which had first attracted the attention of Ghislaine Maxwell who introduced her to Epstein.

By 1993 after attending intelligence training and rudimentary law school at Santa Clara University, Kamala had been paired with a CIA economist at Stanford who passed her off has his daughter from a former marriage in Berkeley. The FBI then emplaced her as a high profile escort with Willie Brown in Sacramento, mirroring the character in the movie, as part of their two and a half year sting operation called SHRIMPSCAM. This involved entrapping various legislatures in a scheme regarding shrimp and free enterprise zones, with Willie Brown being the main informant - a feat he would reprise later in 2008 for his other protege (gigolo Gavin Newsom - originally hired by Gordon Getty to make his developmentally disabled son presentable in elite society and passed off as the son of a prominent District Court Judge who was in the Getty clan's pocket) in a matter called SHRIMPBOY.

In Sacramento, Brown appointed Harris to a number of state sinecures. As in Pretty Woman, Harris was an escort for Brown at numerous high profile events in Sacramento and also played a role in the rigged 1995 election of Willie Brown as "Da Mayor" of San Francisco. Brown was 60 and married. In City Hall, Harris worked in the City Attorney's office as a liaison between Zula Jones, Charles Walker, and Edwin Lee running a corrupt contracting racket out of the Human Rights Commission. Harris also assisted in the 1997 49-ers Stadium election where she assisted Vester Lee Flanagan Sr. and Sulu Palega in hauling stuffed ballot boxes from the Visitacion ST. Projects to the Dept of Elections under Germaine Wong.

Through the Democratic Central Committee and its Pentagon Go-Between Dennis Herrera and Matthew Rothschild, in 2003 Harris was emplaced as District Attorney of San Francisco. This was a accomplished by stuffing ballot boxes and through Palega's voter intimidation racket known as TURF in the Valencia Gardens Projects.

As DA in San Francisco, Harris protected various drug informant rings for the CIA as well as human smuggling into the Port of San Francisco. She also helped various massage parlors flourish in providing accupressure. Finally, she buried a prosecution of the killers of political consultant Les Natali who was shot down by a Vietnamese Triad in 1994.

In San Francisco, she lived in a third story condo built by DBI inspector Angus McCarthy held in trust in the name of Ammon Hulhey, a law partner of the Gettys. This condo was two blocks from the Hall of Justice. In 2018, her next door neighbor of a decade was decapitated with his torso left in a fishtank. This was evidently a mafia hit meant to intimidate Harris - who was a headless torso entering a Shark Tank.

Harris is currently married to Mob Lawyer[citation needed] Doug Emhoff of DLA Piper and lives close to her birth family in the Malibu Hills.

--Patrick Haseldine (talk) 09:51, 12 August 2020 (UTC)