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Concept.png Tradecraft 

Tradecraft is the art of spying.

Break ins

New Zealand's security intelligence agency, the SIS, carried out multiple clandestine raids, breaking into foreign embassies in Wellington in the latter part of the 1980s, in breach of the Vienna convention. [...] one of the raids was on the Czechoslovakian Embassy in Wellington in 1986 and was a joint operation with Britain's MI6 to steal the Warsaw Pact codes.[1]

Electronic communication

"When studying the Wikileaks War Logs, bear in mind that intelligence streams — hardcopy, digital, electromagnetic — are salted with spurious entries as markers to authenticate the stream, identify disruptions and unauthorized plants, direct the product to various collectors with varying levels of classification, and more. The spurious entries will not be distinguishable from the other material, it is their positions in the stream, or omissions from the stream, which will be part of authentication. None of this requires or is protected by encryption, indeed, encryption is customarily used to mislead about other means and methods — which is why it is so loudly touted."[2]


“[...] (it) is what anyone in any senior position at the CIA will tell you - It is about turning people [...]”
 (Dec 11, 2013)  [3]



Page nameDescription
AssetA resource by means of which intelligence is gathered; but also a person through whom things are getting done.
Honeytrapinvestigative tactic involving the use of sex.
Limited hangoutA propaganda technique to try to suppress the revelation of secret information.
Need to knowGiving information only when needed to only those people who need it is fundamental to both tradecraft and statecraft.
Sheep dippingSheep dipping is an espionage term for the process of giving someone an experience which will assist in their misrepresentation.
Special access program
StatecraftCovertly running a state requires a special skill set, which this website terms "statecraft", a reference to the UK Deep state's Institute for Statecraft.
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