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United States Coast Guard Academy seal.png
MottoScientiæ Cedit Mare
Parent organizationUS/Coast Guard
HeadquartersNew London, Connecticut
TypeU.S. Service Academy
Other nameBears
Service academy of the United States Coast Guard.

The United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) is a service academy of the United States Coast Guard in New London, Connecticut. Founded in 1876, it is the smallest of the five U.S. service academies and provides education to future Coast Guard officers in one of nine major fields of study. Unlike the other service academies, the Coast Guard Academy does not require a congressional nomination for admission.

Students are officers-in-training and are referred to as cadets, and upon graduation receive a Bachelor of Science degree and are commissioned as Coast Guard ensigns with a five-year active-duty service obligation,[1] with additional years if the graduate attends flight school or subsequent government-funded graduate school. Out of approximately 250 cadets entering the academy each summer, around 200 graduate. Cadets can choose from among nine majors, with a curriculum that is graded according to their performance in a holistic program of academics, physical fitness, character, and leadership.

Cadets are required to adhere to the academy's "Honor Concept," "Who lives here reveres honor, honors duty," which is emblazoned in the halls of the academy's entrance. The academy's motto is Scientiæ cedit mare, which is Latin for "the sea yields to knowledge". It's academic programs are accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education.[2]


Alumni on Wikispooks

Scott Borgerson1976USMarinerCoast guard drug interdiction officer. CFR fellow. Founder of an Israeli-funded shipping tracking company. Husband(?) of Ghislaine Maxwell.
Doug FearsUSMarinerUnited States Coast Guard officer working on drug interdiction.
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  1. Cadets who do not graduate after their 2nd year (due to grades, conduct, etc) are obligated to enlist or pay back the monetary value of their education.