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Membership• E. Howard Hunt
• Bernard Barker
• G. Gordon Liddy
• Frank Sturgis
• Eugenio Martinez
• Felipe de Diego
• [[..|...]]
A covert action group which intended to get caught, and attract odium to Richard Nixon

The White House Plumbers (or just The Plumbers) were a group of covert operatives that were used by the US Deep state in the Watergate Coup to implicate Richard Nixon.


The Plumbers' first task was to burgle the office of Daniel Ellsberg's Los Angeles psychiatrist, Lewis J. Fielding. The operation was reportedly as unsuccessful to the White House. However, Fielding himself stated the file was in his office; he found it on the floor on the morning after the burglary and quite clearly, someone had gone through it.[1] In a September 1971 conversation, John Ehrlichman advised Nixon, "We had one little operation; it's been aborted out in Los Angeles which, I think, is better that you don't know about."

Later activities resulted in the group's being caught.

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