Whitey Bulger

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(crime boss, informant, deep state functionary)
Whitey Bulger.jpg
BornJames Joseph Bulger Jr.
3 September 1929
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Died30 October 2018 (Age 89)
Preston County, West Virginia, U.S.
Parents • James Joseph Bulger Sr.
• Jane Veronica "Jean" Bulger (née McCarthy)
Victim ofassassination
MKULTRA connected US Crime boss assassinated in prison aged 89

James "Whitey" Bulger was at the top of the FBI's most wanted for 16 years until his 2011 arrest. During his active time he was given information by his FBI handlers that led to the assassination of competitors and other people considered a threat.[1] He was assassinated in 2018, aged 89, in a US prison.[2]


US Deep state.[3]


Bulger volunteered for drug testing as part of MKULTRA while in prison.[4]


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