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The 'useful idiots' of the deep state. They are typically aware that they are engaging in illegal or corrupt behaviour, but may know little or nothing of the deep state for which they work.

Not to be confused with deep politicians, deep state operatives or deep state actors, who are more informed and autonomous.

A deep state functionary is a relatively low level deep state operative who is used by deep state actors. As agents of covert deep state control, they may hold apparently powerful jobs, such as heads of large companies or even national governments. However, they generally know little of the deep political environment which defines their parameters.


This term was defined in July 2018 on Wikispooks, before which time it was used almost interchangeably with the term "deep state actor" and "deep state operative".


The main utility of deep state functionaries to deep states is as blindly obedient footsoldiers. As they may know little or nothing about deep state operations, they are useful cut-outs. Those with high positions in government or other organisations may be used to implement deep state policies, as directed by deep state actors. For this purpose, they may enjoy the "Bilderberg effect" - a meteoric rise through hierarchies as their handlers seek to have them promoted to positions in which they can be of more use to the deep state.


Deep state functionaries are not well informed about the deep state groups for which they work. Some are knowingly corrupt subjects of blackmail and/or bribery who are induced to follow orders by their handlers. Others may be motivated by fear or abstract ideologies such as "patriotism", religion etc. or by psychological motivations such as personal loyalty, ego etc. They may be completely unaware that they are working for deep state groups.



Page nameBornDiedNationalitySummaryDescription
Tony Abbott4 November 1957AustraliaPolitician
Deep state functionary
"The delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift"...
Theodore Achilles29 December 19058 April 1986USDiplomat
Deep state functionary
Very closely connected to the creation NATO
Alexander Acosta16 January 1969USLawyer
Deep state functionary
The US lawyer whose approval of a plea deal with Jeffrey Epstein avoided a public trial after being told that “Epstein was above his pay grade.”
Richard Alderman1953Lawyer
Deep state functionary
Myles Ambrose21 July 19263 June 2014Deep state functionaryRichard Nixon's first drug czar
Daniel Andrews6 July 1972AustraliaPolitician
Deep state functionary
Politician who came to prominence during the COVID-19 deep event.
Kirill Androsov13 June 1972Financier
Deep state functionary
Russian financier, businessman, YGL, 2008-2010 Deputy chief of staff to Vladimir Putin
Saskia ten AsbroekNetherlandsLawyer
Deep state functionary
Bilderberg Executive Secretary
Jessica AshoohUSPropagandist
Deep state functionary
"Hawkish young mandarin hothoused at elite universities and in the halls of state power"
Roberto Azevêdo3 October 1957Deep state functionaryWTO Director-General 2013-2020
Audrey Azoulay4 August 1972FrancePolitician
Deep state functionary
French deep state functionary and UNESCO Director-General
Hans van Baalen17 June 1960NetherlandsDeep state functionary"A Dutch pirate and a villain"
Kemi Badenoch2 January 1980UKPolitician
Deep state functionary
Rising Tory cabinet minister
James Baker28 April 1930Politician
Deep state functionary
US DSO, many deep state connections from the Atlantic Council to the US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce
Édouard Balladur2 May 1929FrancePolitician
Deep state functionary
A panelist of the session on The Public Sector And Economic Growth at the 1987 Bilderberg as French Minister of Finance
Maja Banck-PoldermanNetherlandsDeep state functionaryBilderberg Executive Secretary. Attended 7 Bilderbergs
John Baring2 November 1928UKDeep state functionary
Central banker
Director of the Bank of England, attended 3 Bilderbergs in the 1980s
Bernard Barker5 December 19275 June 2009US
Deep state functionary
A soldier/spook involved both in the assassination of JFK and the Watergate coup.
Zanny Minton Beddoes1967UKJournalist
Deep state functionary
Financial journalist, Bilderberger, IMF economist under Jeffrey Sachs
Richard Ben-Veniste3 January 1943Lawyer
Deep state functionary
A lawyer who has taken various legal roles for the US deep state, including securing the Watergate coup.
Marc Benioff25 September 1964USDeep state functionary
US Internet billionaire, bought Time Magazine
Frederic Bennett2 December 191814 September 2002UKJournalist
Deep state functionary
Parliamentary Private Secretary to Reginald Maudling, Privy Counsellor, Bilderberg Steering committee
Bernard Berelson19121979USPropagandist
Deep state functionary
Arnold Bergstraesser14 July 189624 February 1964GermanAcademic
Deep state functionary
German political scientist who headed some deep state groups in the 1950s and 1960s
Wayne Lee BermanUSDeep state functionary
US Businessman with deep political connections.
Hans Binnendijk8 December 1946USAcademic
Deep state functionary
Dutch born academic and US deep state functionary, a member of Atlantic Council and RAND corporation, deeply involved with NATO.
Çevik Bir1939TurkeyMilitary
Deep state functionary
Turkish general who organized 1997 'soft' coup.
Richard BleeSpook
Deep state functionary
Orlando Bosch18 August 192627 April 2011Spook
Deep state functionary
Convicted assassin, Operation 40 member, released by special order of George H. W. Bush after a petition from Jeb Bush
Donna Brazile15 December 1959Deep state functionary
Willy Bretscher18971992SwitzerlandEditor
Deep state functionary
Influential Swiss editor for many decades
Graham BrookieDeep state functionary
"Terror expert"
"Former U.S. government advisor on homeland security and counterterrorism" connected to the Integrity Initiative/Institute for Statecraft complex
Gordon Brown20 February 1951UKPolitician
Deep state functionary
UK deep state functionary. Prime Minister from 2007-2010. WHO ambassador for Global Health Financing from 2021
Mark Malloch Brown16 September 1953Deep state functionaryGeorge Soros-protegé
Gro Harlem Brundtland20 April 1939NorwayPolitician
Deep state functionary
Big pharma/Lobbyist
Deep state/WHO connected Prime Minister/DG, concerned about "too much freedom of speech"
Thomas Buberl24 March 1973GermanDeep state functionary
German poly-Bilderberg money manager, WEF AGMs, WEF YGL 2008
Whitey Bulger3 September 192930 October 2018USInformer
Deep state functionary
Crime boss
MKULTRA connected US Crime boss assassinated in prison aged 89
Ellsworth Bunker11 May 189427 September 1984USDiplomat
Deep state functionary
Cold War hawk, diplomatic troubleshooter
Sylvia Burwell23 June 1965USPolitician
Deep state functionary
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation executive and US Secretary Health, first Bilderberg meeting in 2018.
Stephen Cambone22 June 1952Politician
Deep state functionary
Pentagon official and henchman of Donald Rumsfeld. Allowed "loosening the standards of detainee treatment" (i.e. torture) during interrogations. Project for the New American Century.
John Carbaugh194519 March 2006USSpook
Arms Dealer
Deep state functionary
Cercle attendee linked to political double dealing, arms deals and Iran-Contra.
Melvin CarrawayUSDeep state functionaryActing Administrator of The Transportation Security Administration removed from office after a report found agents failed to find fake explosives and weapons in internal tests.
Kaspar CassaniApril 1928US
Deep state functionary
Chairman and president of the IBM World Trade Corporation. Attended the 1985 Bilderberg.
Jack Caulfield12 March 192917 June 2012Spook
Deep state functionary
Ahmed Chalabi30 October 19443 November 2015IraqPolitician
Deep state functionary
"A crafty, avuncular Iraqi exile beloved by Washington's neoconservatives" who attended the 2006 Bilderberg a month after quitting as Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq.
Olivier Chevrillon28 January 192922 January 2013FranceDeep state functionaryFrench media CEO and civil servant
Alan Clark13 April 19285 September 1999UKAuthor
Deep state functionary
Bullingdon Club, Le Cercle, Minister for Defence Procurement...
Jay Clayton11 July 1966Lawyer
Deep state functionary
David Clementi25 February 1949UKAccountant
Deep state functionary
Central banker
Former Governor of the Bank of England and BBC chairman.
Andrew Cohen7 October 190917 June 1968UKDeep state functionaryUK colonial administrator who attended the 1966 Bilderberg
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