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Contacting Particular Wikispooks Authors/editors

Wikispooks is a crowd-sourced project, so content is typically authored by many people and drawn from multiple sources. To contact the author(s) of a particular article or other page edit, first use the top 'View History' tab to see which users have edited it. You can then use either:

  • Privately - use the Wikispooks email contact facility Accessible from the left-hand 'Toolbox' menu when viewing a user page if the user has email enabled.
  • Publicly - post a message on the talk page of the relevant user.

Contacting Wikispooks Administration

  • Normally - Email to admin[at] (using the Wikispooks PGP public key to encrypt the communication is recommended)
  • Anonymously - Use the Wikispooks anonymous uploads form. This is intended to facilitate anonymous uploading of pdf and other document files but it also includes a message box which can be used for short anonymous messages without an accompanying file upload.

General Discussion

For public discussions with the wikispooks community about a particular page, use the corresponding 'Discussion' page.

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