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Wikispooks Undertakings

  1. Wikispooks undertakes not to use any personal private data which it may hold other than for the purposes of operating the Wikispooks site. Any such data will not be released to third parties other than by order of a court with jurisdiction. Similarly documents and articles posted on the Wikispooks site will only be taken down by order of a court with jurisdiction.
  2. Any such court order will be posted on the Wikispooks site unless gagged in which case it will hopefully be posted elsewhere. Threats - legal or otherwise - will generally be ignored unless they are funny or otherwise of general interest, in which case they will be posted.

Data Retention

  1. IP addresses are not retained.
  2. The dates and times of all document creation, editing and uploading are recorded. Browsing, however, is not recorded except for server logs (see below)
  3. The webserver logs accesses used to compile statistics, but these logs are deleted regularly - currently on a weekly basis.

Notes of Caution

  1. Your internet use is being monitored and/or logged, quite likely by ISPs, network system operators, the NSA and/or others.
  2. Retention of logs (especially metadata) is endemic. Hard drives are cheap and The Powers That Be have deep pockets and deep packet sniffers.
  3. "Privacy policy" has, in effect, come to mean an assurance of just enough privacy to keep users coming into the spider's web. That is exactly how it is used by government and its agencies whilst assuring the citizenry that it is acting in the public interest. In the same way, employers act in the interest of their employees; corporations act in the interest of their stockholders; religious/educational institutions and professionals act in the interest of their dutiful supporters and fee-payers.
  4. Those who promise the most protection are out to skin you alive, those who promise the most privacy are selling your most private possessions.

Anonymous reading

  1. To read this site anonymously, the only recommended method it to download the Site Backup file (4.8 Gb) from a public internet connection, then follow the instructions to install it on a local machine and browse it offline. Alternatively, to browse the online version, you may wish to use anonymising software such as Tor (which if Edward Snowden's leaked documents are to be believed, makes things difficult for even the NSA) -- but do be aware that some people have suggested that Tor is a deep state honeypot.
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