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|birth_date=23 August 1954
|birth_date=23 August 1954
|birth_place=Northampton, UK
|birth_place=Northampton, UK

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5Person.png Christopher Shale  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(businessman, politician)
Born23 August 1954
Northampton, UK
Died25 June 2011 (Age 56)
Cause of death
"heart attack"
Victim ofpremature death

Shale was the chairman of the West Oxfordshire Conservative Association who died in suspicious circumstances.

Official narrative

Shale died of a heart attack at the Glastonbury Festival. Prior to the discovery of his body, in a portable toilet, he had been reported missing for 18 hours.


Linking Shale's death to that od David Kelly, Wayne Madesen claimed that "A well-placed UK source has informed Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) that the suspicious death of Prime Minister David Cameron’s friend and political adviser, Christopher Shale, found dead in a portable toilet on June 25 at the Glastonbury Festival, was, in fact, a political assassination designed to silence an emerging critic of Conservative Party policies... Shale, we are told, was familiar with Cameron’s role in the re-selling of South Africa’s nuclear materials, with the proceeds going into the political coffers of the Conservative Party. Kelly and Shale were reportedly both aware that some of the South African nuclear weapons technology ended up, via an international pparms smuggling]] network, in the hands of North Korea, which tested a nuclear bomb on May 25, 2009."[1]


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