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Status: stable
This property should not be manually assigned, but calculated automatically

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames, mainly in the document: namespace and main: namespaces.
  • Predicate:  Has averageRating
  • Object:        Floats from 0-5. (type number)

97 Pages use the property "Has averageRating"

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Page nameHas averageRating
MS Estonia0
Apollo program1
Deep politics3
2005 London bombings3
Document:Glossary of Open Politics3
Corporate media3
Deep state3
9-11/Premature death3
Deep event3
Police state3
Mass surveillance3
Document:The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld3
Official narrative3
2016 Saumur Daesh Cell3
Arms for Libya 2.03
Document:Our Secret Servants - The Shayler Affair3
TWA Flight 8003
Deep state/Supranational nature3
"Fake News"3
Strategy of tension3
Cold War Then and Now?3
Deep state/2017 Popularisation3
John Taylor Gatto3
Willem Matser3
Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism3
Corporate media/Censorship3
Richard Gutjahr3
Corporate media/Mendacity3
Corporate media/Deep state control3
Official opposition narrative3
Andreas Straßmeir3
Barry Jennings3.3
George H. W. Bush3.5
Document:Reset This!3.5
Document:Democratic State v Deep State4
Document:The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion4
False flag4
Document:The Occult Technology of Power4
Sunny Sheu4
"War on Terror"4
Document:Collateral Damage 9114
Document:The Moral Decoding of 9-114
Russian apartment bombings4
Operation 404
Document:Battleground Ukraine4
"War on Drugs"4
Dallas occupy plot4
Document:UK Intelligence And Security Report, 20034
Freedom of speech4
Edwin P. Wilson4
Gary Caradori4
CIA/Drug trafficking4
"Conspiracy theory"4
José Sanjenís Perdomo4
Lost and Found ID4
UK/Deep state4
"Lone nut"4
2001 Anthrax attacks4
USS Liberty Incident4
War on Terror/Purposes4
"National security"4
Arms for Libya4
Roland Carnaby4
Illegal drug trade4
Document:Countering Criticism of the Warren Report4
Structural deep event4
Document:Logistical and Technical Exploration into the Origins of the COVID-19 virus4
International Institute for Strategic Studies4
US/Deep state4.5
Le Cercle5
Document:Fifty Years of the Deep State5
Operation Gladio/B5
2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust5
2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash5
George H. W. Bush/Exposure5
Western Global Airlines N545JN5
2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack5
Institute for Statecraft5