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One of the most politically and culturally isotated nations in the world, a dictatorship under Kim Jong-un.

North Korea was split from South Korea at the end of the Korean War. It has very limited commercial and other relationships with most other nation states.

Official narrative

North Korea was named as an "Axis of evil" member, and the country is reported to have a poor record as regards human rights.


In sharp contrast to the affluence of South Korea, North Korea suffers severe famine. In the late 1990s hundreds of thousands of people (at least) died from starvation.[1] A 2016 government warning told people to prepare for food shortages but not to despair, because “the road to revolution is long and arduous.”[2]


In December 2016, a query of their DNS revealed that their national top level internet domain (.pk) was used by just 28 websites.[3]

Nuclear Weapons

North Korea reported a successful nuclear test on 9 October 2006, and a H-bomb test on 5 January 2016. It is believed to have nuclear weapons, although the truth of these claims is debated.[4]



Korean War/Biological warfareAlleged experimental usage of insect-born biological/bacteriological weapons during the Korean war



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