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Concept.png Climate change/Dissident 
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An enemy image used to marginalize and increasingly punish various skeptics of human-caused climate change.

Climate change denier or even climate denier (also more broadly science denier) is an enemy image used to marginalize and increasingly punish various skeptics of climate change caused by humans.

Official narrative

The science is settled, and anyone denying that climate change is happening or that it is caused predominantly by humans, its effects on nature and human society is in a state of denial. Several social science studies have analyzed these positions as pseudoscience,[1] or propaganda.[2]

The campaign to undermine public trust in climate science has been described as a "denial machine" organized by industrial, political and ideological interests, and supported by conservative media and skeptical bloggers to manufacture uncertainty about global warming.[3]

Research has shown that individuals with authoritarian attitudes who accept hierarchical power structures tend to a larger extent deny the problem. Such opinions also correlates with low empathy and closed-mindedness.[4]

However, a good "psychoanalysts, together with other therapists, can draw attention to the threats posed by climate change, and then challenge the mental defenses that prevent people from responding to climate change."[5]


YouTube and Google have prohibiting the ads with this type of contents. "This includes content referring to climate change as a hoax or a scam, claims denying that long-term trends show the global climate is warming, and claims denying that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity contribute to climate change," [6]

There have been mooted plans to outlaw it altogether,[7][8] as a crime murder Some have stated it is premediated murder "condemning thousands of people to death and suffering today and millions more tomorrow", and should be punished as such.[9]

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