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Victim ofYoutube/Censorship
Interests • “COVID-19/Vaccine”
• COVID-19/Purpose
• Alternative media
• Freemasonry
Irish Youtuber and political dissident.

Dave Cullen, known as Computing Forever, is an Irish YouTuber. His political channel, where he had over 500 thousand subscribers and more than 100 million views, was banned in January 2021.[1][2]

When he spoke about masonic symbology in a video that was released by the Irish police, shortly thereafter a harassment campaign was initiated against him and his home was vandalized several times.[3]


“[...] whether it is Covid lockdowns, or raising the price of electricity and fuel, or restrictions on energy usage, such as mandatory rationing, or even powercuts - the result is always the same. Winding down the economy, destroying small to medium businesses, forcing more people to stay at home, reducing human movement and making people dependent on the government for their most basic needs. [...] The plan appears to be, do drag on the Ukraine war for as long as possible, so as to create an excuse to accelerate the transition to completely insufficient power sources such as wind, wave and solar energy, during this process energy rationing will become the norm, [...]”
Dave Cullen (Sep 13, 2022)  [4]

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