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Vax 2021.jpg
Vax: the word of the year
A year dominated by COVID-19. A diet of fearporn from the commercially-controlled media was accompanied by unprecedented censorship of first hand testimony from COVID sufferers and doctors. Experimental gene therapies for COVID-19, consistently referred to as "vaccines", were rolled out globally, initially on a voluntary basis, later increasingly aggressively.

2021 was dominated by the COVID-19 event. Governments worldwide cited the threat posed by the SARS-COV2 virus as justification for introducing ever more totalitarian dictats. Pretense of democratic decision making was largely abandoned, and sweeping measures such as lockdowns, the introduction of "vaccine passports" and even "vaccine" mandation. Some countries introduced more draconian measures than others, but the uniform justification was "following the science", a claim belied by certain obvious scientific facts which could not be suppressed such as the superiority of natural immunity to anything provided by the COVID jabs, and the fact that the jabs do not prevent infection or transmission.

Over 100 Bilderbergers have played major parts in the COVID event, and many of the WEF's Young Global Leaders appear to be similarly involved. As fear of COVID-19 waned, increasing numbers of people are actively resisting the global push to implement totalitarian legislation.

Meanwhile, the campaign to promote a new cold war between China/Russia vs. the Europe & United States has continued. Restrictions nominally due to the threat of COVID-19 have were used to disrupt to the global economy supply chains, leading to fluctuations and sharp rises in many commodities such as gas, oil, metals and computer chips.



The synthetic origins of COVID-19 became clearer in early 2021, as FOIA requests exposed the attempts of Peter Daszak and others to stifle debate about the topic.

World Economic Forum Meeting 2021

Full article: Rated 5/5 WEF/Young Global Leaders

Although the WEF 2021 meeting was cancelled, the WEF and their role in the COVID-19 Response of the SDS was investigated by several websites, including this site, documenting the WEF and their recruitment networks, getting some publicity. In particular the increased wealth gap, the emergence of tech companies richer than continents, the formation of a detached elite, the undemocratic decision making, the lack of financial transparency, the unclear selection criteria, the goal of the WEF to "Corporate capture of global and democratic institutions", the non-accreditation of critical media outlets and the proven appropriation of global crises were all arguments used. Wikipedia used the appropriation claim to label all criticism "antisemitic", without questioning if there is a Judaic power in the first place, apart from all other reasonable arguments.[1]

Bilderberg 2021

Full article: Rated 5/5 Bilderberg/2021
Bilderberg 2021.jpg

No Bilderberg is known to have been held this year. One possible explanation is that they are busy managing COVID-19. Over 150 Bilderbergers were busy with COVID-19.

Regine changes

Full article: COVID-19/Regime change
Photo 2021-05-24 20-07-27.jpg

Some countries like Sudan and Myanmar experienced a coup. On 7 June the President of Haiti Jovenel Moïse, who was refusing COVID-19 vaccines, was assassinated by gunmen posing as DEA agents. While regime changes occur every year, many heads of state were critics of the lockdowns surrounding Covid-19. Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko reported that he had been offered money if he would implement a lockdown, but he refused. He later survived both an attempted color revolution and an assassination plot.[citation needed]


Full article: “COVID-19/Vaccine”
Early 2021 jab story.png
In Spring 2021, the official narrative was that the COVID jabs were "safe and effective" and "vaccinated people do not carry the virus"

The experimental gene therapies for COVID-19 have consistantly been referred to as "vaccines" by both the commercially-controlled media and government bodies, both of which have simmilarly maximised their potential benefits and minimized their potential risks. The initial story was that they were 100% "safe and effective" at preventing infection was promoted by aggressive removal of contrary evidence from commercially-controlled media and social media throughout Spring 2021. However, continuing a trend from 2020, other official sources such as the VAERS database or the UK ONS told a different story. By around June 2021, it was clear that for some age groups the vaccine had negative effectiveness at preventing infection and in some people had serious side effects, including permanent disability and death.


In 2021 psychological operations were carried out to promote fear of the virus and to stigmatize the unvaccinated, who were initially termed "vaccine hesitant". Later the commercially-controlled media promoted the enemy image of the "anti-vaxxer" as anti-social and ill informed, although vaccine refuseniks typically were better informed than those who were jabbed[citation needed]. Social media was utilised to reach children and young people whereas print media has been used to target older people. Social media algorithms have used trigger warnings when key words are searched. YouTube was full of vaccine adverts.


Full article: COVID-19/Vaccine/Mandation

The European Court of Human Rights declared in April (in an ostensibly non-COVID-19 related case) that mandatory vaccinations for children were "necessary in a democratic society".[2] 2021 saw a globally coordinated push to ignore the science and promote vaccine uptake in both adults and children at all costs. This was especially prominent in countries well represented in Bilderberg meetings such as Western Europe, the US and Canada, as well as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Many of these countries limited the freedom of movement of people who had declined the COVID jabs. Some such as Austria and Greece[citation needed] went as far as announcing plans to fine or jail non-recipients.

Health effects

A number of leaks emerged, suggesting Big Pharma and in particular Pfizer had minimized and understated adverse vaccine effects. Various whistleblowers claimed that the VAERS database was deliberately undercounting deaths. Suspicion of the official "safe and effective" story was aggressively removed from social media, but numerous [[independent media[[ sources called for an immediate halt to the injection project.[3]

A large number of professional athletes, especially soccer players, experienced sudden heart failure, sometimes with fatal consequences. Vaccine manufacturers[Who?][When?] admitted what whistleblower doctors had long claimed, that the jab increased the risk of serious heart disorders such as myocarditis or pericarditis.

Dissident governments

In Autumn 2021, evidence was mounting fast that the COVID jabs could have serious adverse consequences and provided only a limited protection from COVID-19. Some governments such as Japan, Romania and Scandinavia ceased efforts to push the jabs on their citizens.

Premature deaths

Full article: Rated 5/5 COVID-19/Premature death

Following a string of suspicious deaths in 2020, more researchers, journalists and prominent COVID dissidentss, including heads of state such as Pierre Nkurunziza and his friend John Magufuli, died suddenly in suspicious circumstances.


COVID 19 mutations continued to spread around the world, which governments referenced as the reason for their unprecedented restrictions on freedom of movement, freedom of assembly and — at least as regards questioning the origins of COVID or questioning the wisdom or good intent of virus-related policy — even freedom of speech.

Global resistance

Full article: COVID-19/Resistance
A Christmas reference to Agenda 2030

2021 saw "Lockdown Protests Flare Up Around the World",[4] especially in response to mandates and plans to inject children with the experimental gene therapy. Activists produced increasingly clear descriptions of COVID as psyop[5] and increasingly spurious claims about "following the science" meant many people awoke to the covert push to totalitarianism, leading to increased resistance, such as well attended marches, often not reported by commercially-controlled media.

Cold War II

Full article: Cold War II

Meanwhile the US Capitol was attacked, the Taliban reconquered Afghanistan. CCM massively focused on cryptocurrencies, the Pandora Papers, a polarizing perspective between vaccination supporters and dissidents with more Covid-19/Panic. Social Media such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit used COVID-19/Dissidents to increase censorship, deplatforming and echo chambers.

“In a blunt opening statement before the talks in private, Mr Anthony Blinken said the US would "discuss our deep concerns with actions by China, including in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan, cyber attacks on the United States, economic coercion of our allies". "Each of these actions threaten the rules-based order that maintains global stability," he said. In response, Mr Yang Jiechi accused Washington of using its military might and financial supremacy to suppress other countries. "It abuses so-called notions of national security to obstruct normal trade exchanges, and incite some countries to attack China," he added. Mr Yang said human rights in the US were at a low point, with black Americans being "slaughtered".”
US,  China (March 2021)  [6]


Screenshot 2021-12-31 at 01-42-26 2 charts show how much the world depends on Taiwan for semiconductors.png
Full article: US-China trade war

Although the Cold War 2.0 concept was originally formulated with Russia in mind, China has emerged as a focus of the US Deep State. Controlled media focused on China's rapidly[7] structural influence in technology, even being responsible with their state companies such as Huawei[8][9] for securing European governments their vital ministerial departments.

As a result of the shutdown of many parts of the global supply chain, Taiwan came under scrutiny[10][11] for being the de facto sole supplier of computer chips (or semiconductors specifically) for a wide variety of products.

Shortages for every product requiring computer chips, tariffs by the US & EU and increased tensions surrounding Taiwan and Hong Kong, caused prices for computer chips and similar components to skyrocket, making the world extremely[12] dependent on a rapid recovery of the Chinese (or Asian) economy[13].


Full article: Cryptocurrencies

El Salvador explicity legalised Bitcoin. As bitcoin was blamed[14] for the supply chain shortages - with millions of people in lockdown and computer data centres emerging "mining crypto" - China banned the mining or using computers their power to get cryptocurrencies. During the rise of computer mining farms with thousands of computers combined together (growing Bitcoin to a $60k US Dollar exchange rate), analysts such as Peter A. Thiel argued cryptocurrencies to be a Chinese WMD aimed at destabilizing the US, by making the cost of living too high for the average American, getting quoted in a large number of US corporate media, following previous patterns from the Cold War and the War on Terror where the US used the consolidation of the media to make China an enemy image and gear up for war.[15]

Global Energy Crisis

A significant global shortage of energy started in 2021, affecting Europe[16][17], China and the UK.[18] Many industrial metals soared to record high prices, surpassing the Global financial crisis.[19] European governments didn't seem keen on bending to Russian gas, halting Nord Stream 2-pipelines at one point causing energy prices for citizens to skyrocket, with traffic jams at patrol stations.[20][21]

Although several other simplistic reasons - such as the banning of nuclear energy in several countries following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster - could've been given, most answers how to tackle the surging prices aligned with the goals of the The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.[22][23]


2021 saw a further decline in faith in commercially-controlled media.[24]


Tiktok - owned by Chinese company Bytedance - surpassed Google as most visited website according to online security company Cloudfire, with a growth of 1 billion users in just under 3 years, a telling sign of the emergence of China's technological influence. Amongst Tiktok most alarming effects is the growth of neurological disorders in children.[25][26]


YouTube's removal of the negative feedback thumb or "dislike" button drew criticism from several of the biggest Tech enthusiasts on YouTube such as Linus Sebastian. The trend that big outlets refuse to program their AI but restrict civil discourse instead came under intense scrutiny by YouTube their decision.

Narrative alignment

Big Tech companies started using COVID-19 to censor any negative content from their sites. Platformization of services and the ability to voice opinions became a key component of the looming COVID-19/Economy.

Big Tech and their overseeing infrastructure on the internet became used for online control of individuals, interestingly enough, not through deepfakes (as was expected at the end of the 2010s), but by attempting to control the content that the person posted online. Olympic athletes or artists calling out COVID vaccinations such as Novak Djokovic were silenced. Scientists such as former Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer Michael Yeadon and former leader of the French vaccine committee on the High Council on Public Health Christian Perronne were silenced and removed from corporate media after diverting from the official narrative..

Sexual Abuse Recruitment

There are signs the increased stimulation to sexualisation has led to increased child abuse[27]. The UK-based Internet Watch Foundation reported a "1500% times increase" in child sexual abuse material found online compared to 2011.[28] Several studies - including from Harvard[29] - showed evidence social media is harming teenagers.

Facebook Papers

Facebook released[30] an internal report showing its outlet Instagram causing a severe higher risk of negative self-image and disorders such as eating disorders, sleep disorders, suicide and the (increased) sexualisation of young girls. Facebook announced a company overhaul with a new name for their parent company after several investigations revealed Facebook to be unable to combat this. The Facebook Papers[31] revealed the company knew it profited (and had a 50%[32] share as primary recruitment outlet) from sex trafficking but took limited action to stop it, a recurring trend with social media companies in this decade.

“Children report having online sexual interactions at high rates — both with their peers and people they believe to adults: 25 percent of kids 9-17 reported having had a sexually explicit interaction with someone they thought was 18 or older, compared to 23 percent of participants that had a similar experience with someone they believed to be a minor. (...) The majority of children who block or report other users say those same users quickly find them again online: More than half of children who blocked someone said they were contacted again by the same person again, either through a new account or a different platform. This was true both for people children knew in real life (54 percent) and people they had only met online (51 percent).”
Casey Newton (2021)  [33]

Interesting enough, this reported surge amongst the continuous reported organized abduction and rape of immigrant children was not reported widely in corporate media or social media outlets. US Congress didn't show much interest even when Facebook was revealed to program their AI algorithm to help paedophiles find more content on their sites[34], with the Wall Street Journal reporting the Facebook hearing in congress to be stonewalled by deep lobbying with pawns including the Kenosha riots.[35][36]

Operation Death Eaters

After hacking activists Anonymous announced a massive investigation into VIPaedophiles at the end of the 2010s, the International Tribunal of Natural Justice was formed in London. Years later, little has still been achieved in combating human and child trafficking. COVID-19 has increased the number of trafficked girls for sexual exploitation with 500%.[37] The UN reported the internet now to account for 40% of the recruitment method for sex trafficking.

Exposure of US Child Sex rings

In the summer several high-profile cases in the US were uncovered such as the Nashville sex trafficking operation, with a US National Guard sergeant arrested. In the Atlanta sex trafficking operation, 16 children were forced into sex. In Ohio, a network of over 200 people was uncovered, with men caught with 2 year olds in cars.[38] Buzzfeed published declassified files requested through a FOIA-request that a dozen of CIA officers have been caught in sex with very young children, some serial offenders. Only one individual was prosecuted.[39] In Texas, US Border Patrol agents also continued to be arrested for abducting hundreds of children from detention centres, with the media seemingly uninterested and The Atlantic running a hit piece[40] regarding the surge.[41]

Even after increased coverage reporting paedophiles to be communicating on YouTube or grooming 8 year-olds[42], congress did not combat this trend, but let CCM chose a fall guy every month as distraction to divide and rule (a key element of Deep state/Policy); including congressman Matt Gaetz, META CEO Mark Zuckerberg, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and his brother, former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. This form of statecraft hinted governments to not be willing to be effective at all battling this sex trafficking surge.

War on Terror

Taliban wins

Full article: Afghanistan/2021 withdrawal

On 14th April 2021, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the start of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan by May 1st.[43] The withdrawal appears to be uncoordinated at times,[44] and while the Afghan Army tries to fight the takeover,[45][46] there are reported instances where equipment, vehicles and bases are captured with little resistance.[47][48][49] A delegation of the Taliban visiting China in late July 2021 was told that China expects the Taliban to play important role in ending Afghanistan's war and rebuilding the country.[50] The 2021 Kabul Airport attacks caused a significant setback in president Joe Biden's popularity.[51]

9-11/20th Anniversary

“Speaking of shorting stock did they ever find out who shorted those airlines stocks just before 9/11? Just Asking. You Wallstreet fucks are worried about GameStop but there are deep questions that get brought up. Enjoy.”
Immortal Technique (January 2021)  [52]
Regarding this page: 9-11/Insider Trading, this was the most agreed post on Reddit their "conspiracy" section of 2021.

9-11 continued to be in the memory of many. Surrounding the 20th anniversary of 9-11, families of the 9/11 victims told Joe Biden that he not be allowed at the commemoration events unless he de-classified all documents related to 9/11.[53][54]

Deep Events

Wall Street and Central banks are trying to take ownership of nature and the global commons why we are being pushed into a virtual world, the "metaverse." These aren't isolated events, put the pieces together. "You'll own nothing and be happy" is the beginning, not the end.”
Whitney Webb (December 2021)  [55]

Military Spending

"Global military spending figures are at a 32-year high, despite the pandemic’s effect on shrinking economic output."[56]

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons passed on schedule on 7 July. 69 nations did not vote, among them all of the nuclear weapon states and all NATO members except the Netherlands.


Hijacked or maliciously programmed PCs of others used for criminal purposes called "bots" are being used more and more for all kinds of nefarious purposes online. This website was rendered unusable for a week in mid November by a DDoS attack.[57] Online security consultants Barracuda Networks published[58] a study indicating. 39% of all internet traffic in 2021 was from malicious automated computers software, repeating previous research[59] from the 2010s, painting the eerie reality where thus over 50% of the internet is bots purely "talking" to each-other. When comparing this to earlier studies[60] naming astroturfing the work of bots, questions begin to arise how one can still be sure something in real.[61] Apart from the more practical problems; bots created by people competing with regular customers for the most basic products, to sell them with higher profit later on, and unknown spooks using bots[62][63] to simulate online support or astroturfing for a cause.


“The Biden administration is revving up for a war against an enemy which the feds have chosen to never explicitly define.”
James Bovard (Jun 19, 2021)  [64]

Taiwain US.png.jpg
Full article: 2021 Washington D.C Riots

In a spectacular set of events, the US Capitol building was stormed. Dozens of police officers were put on trial for aiding the rioters, with an abundance of FBI informants organizing and participating, the Capitol Police refusing support despite intel warnings and other hallmarks of a false flag attack.


Full article: Encirclement of China

As the purposes of the SDS for the COVID-19/Economy or COVID-19/Purposes aren't clear yet, China - for several reasons - started to be encircled by the US.

Brian Berletic argues that policy papers indicate that the United States plans to go with China, before China's economic and military might will irreversibly surpass that of the US in the early 2030s.[65][66] For that the US marines have done away with all their main battle tanks and other weapons systems to focus on Navy-centric warfighting.[67][68] The war would focus on challenging the Chinese Navy in the South China sea, to cause enough disturbance and through that bring about economic hardship.

Pegasus Leak

The origin and purpose of the Project Pegasus revelations - remain unclear. The revelations showed how various governments used Israeli spyware to spy on corporate journalists, opposition politicians, activists, business people and others.

Pandora Papers

Full article: Pandora Papers

Details of the Pandora Papers were released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) on 3 October 2021.[69] Based upon the most expansive leak of tax haven files in history, the ICIJ investigation of the Pandora Papers reveals the secret deals and hidden assets of more than 330 politicians and high-level public officials in more than 90 countries and territories, including 35 country leaders, ambassadors, mayors and ministers, presidential advisers, generals and a central bank governor appear in the files.

The ICIJ, a nonprofit newsroom and network of journalists cantered in Washington D.C., obtained more than 11.9 million financial records of companies tax havens around the globe.

The files reveal secret offshore holdings of more than 130 billionaires from 45 countries, good for more than $600 billion in fortune. Other clients include bankers, big political donors, arms dealers, international criminals, pop stars, spy chiefs and sporting giants.

ICIJ shared the files with 150 media partners, launching the broadest collaboration in journalism history.[70], with little scrutiny for the western companies supporting this form of tax evasion, indicating a limited hangout.

Ghislaine Maxwell

“If powerful males having sex with underage girls is not a problem—if there’s no need to identify & prosecute them—then why hold #GhislaineMaxwell responsible for trafficking? If her actions were reprehensible, then what’s the excuse for not punishing the other criminals involved?”
Dinesh D'Souza (December 2021)  [71]

Why Ghislaine Maxwell (the right hand of legendary VIPaedophile kingpin Jeffrey Epstein) fled after the arrest of Epstein, and lived on the run for a year, including in France remains unclear. As she was born there in France, she would have been legally invulnerable to extradition had she chosen to continue living there, opening questions as to why she returned to the US to face charges.[72]


Related Quotations

2020“As the Establishment feels its grip slipping, as people wake up to the appalling economic exploitation by the few that underlies the very foundations of modern western society, expect the methods used by the security services to become even dirtier. You can bank on continued ramping up of Russophobia to supply “the enemy”. As both Scottish Independence and Jeremy Corbyn are viewed as real threats by the British Establishment, you can anticipate every possible kind of dirty trick in the next couple of years, with increasing frequency and audacity.”Craig MurrayDecember 2018
COVID-19“For two years now we have been witnessing a global coup d’état, in which a financial and ideological elite has succeeded in seizing control of part of national governments, public and private institutions, the media, the judiciary, politicians and religious leaders.”Carlo Maria Viganò16 November 2021



Afghanistan/2001 Invasion7 October 200130 August 2021The war in Afghanistan, instigated within a month of 9/11, supposedly in retaliation, with the claimed justification - for which no evidence has been presented - that the attacks were planned by Ossama bin Laden, and that he was based in Afghanistan.
"2014 Ukraine coup/Anti-Terrorist-Operation"15 April 201424 February 2022Olexander Turchynov, as acting President of Ukraine, announced the start of "anti-terrorist operation" against Donbas protestors in 2014.
Donald Trump/Presidency20 January 201720 January 2021The Donald Trump administration
Afghanistan/2021 withdrawal29 February 202030 August 2021The end of the US–led NATO occupation of Afghanistan
"Overwhelmed Intensive Care Units"March 20202022From the beginning of the COVID-19 deep event came a drumroll of messages of overwhelmed Intensive Care Units (ICUs). In the large majority of cases, this was a lie. Revealingly, most countries have not increased number of ICU beds
COVID-19/Vaccine/Mandation2021Vaccine/Mandation during COVID-19 was intense, with governments stopping short of using violent to inject people against there will, but many not far short.
"I wish I'd gotten the vaccine"2021After "vaccine hesitancy" became noticeable, corporate media were flooded with tales of "anti-vaxxers" now ruing their choice. "I wish I'd gotten the vaccine" are their last words, wheezed out almost inaudibly from the death bed.
Presidency of Joe Biden20 January 2021The Joe Biden administration
2021 Dutch General Election15 March 202117 March 2021Held in the Netherlands from 15 to 17 March 2021 to elect all 150 members of the Dutch House of Representatives.
"Indian rivers swollen with bodies"May 2021May 2021To further the COVID-19 agenda, corporate media reported of Indian rivers overflowing with corpses, implied of people dead of Covid.
2021 Hartlepool by-election6 May 20216 May 2021The Tories win a seat in the post-industrial working class heartland. Labour had held this seat since 1959.
2021 Scottish Parliament election6 May 20216 May 2021Sixth election to the Scottish Parliament.
International Festival of Whistleblowing Dissent and Accountability8 May 20218 May 2021Whistleblowing event held in 2021.
Attempted Coup of the Libertarian Party of New HampshireJune 2021June 2021An event in June 2021.
Bilderberg/2021June 2021June 2021The 2021 Bilderberg is an unknown quantity. This page highlights the involvement of over 140 Bilderbergers in the COVID-19 event.
2021 Chesham and Amersham by-election17 June 202117 June 2021This safe Tory constituency had voted Conservative since the 19th-century, but this by-election saw a huge swing to the Liberal Democrats.
2021 Swedish government crisis21 June 20219 July 2021The anti lockdown government in Sweden almost fell, but managed to regain confidence from MPs.
2021 British Ministry of Defence leaks22 June 202122 June 2021A pile of 50 sensitive MOD documents are leaked.
HMS Defender Crimea controversy23 June 202123 June 2021A diplomatic military controversy between Russia and the UK
Nashville sex trafficking operation24 June 202125 June 2021A sex trafficking operation in Nashville.
Atlanta sex trafficking operation25 June 202125 June 2021A sex trafficking operation in Atlanta.
Wakefield standoff3 July 2021A standoff between an anti-government militia and the police, in July 2021 in Wakefield, Massachusetts.
Jovenel Moïse/Assassination7 July 20217 July 2021The assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse.
Project Pegasus revelations18 July 202118 July 2021Mass leak of info about Israel spyware
July 2021 Gulf of Oman incident29 July 202129 July 2021Incident in July 2021
Roffhausen vaccination incidentAugust 20212021A nurse said she dropped a bottle of vaccine and replaced the missing substance with saline solution, she stood accused to have done this on a massive scale. The vaccination center is under investigation for irregularities as well.
Plymouth shooting12 August 202112 August 2021Mass shooting in the south west of England.
Evacuation from Afghanistan15 August 202130 August 2021The evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan, one of the largest airlifts in history
2021 Kabul Airport attacks26 August 202126 August 2021Suicide bombings in the middle of the Afghanistan/2021 withdraw
UN/SC/Resolution 259330 August 202130 August 2021United Nations resolution passed after the Afghanistan/2021 withdrawal
Guinea/2021 coup d'état5 September 20215 September 2021President opted for Russian vaccine - was removed from power by US trained officer 6 months later.
9-11/20th Anniversary11 September 202111 September 202120 years on since 9/11 the truth is still not known. The date will be significant day in world history.
Epik data breach13 September 202129 September 2021Data breach in September 2021. Is Anonymous doing the job of the FBI for them because the facts aren't adding up.
Pandora Papers2 October 20213 October 2021The most expansive leak of tax haven files in history
Health Freedom for Humanity Symposium 20218 October 20219 October 2021Event to be held in 2021.
Sudan/2021 coup d'état25 October 202125 October 2021In October 2021, the Sudanese Prime Minister was kidnapped and the government was dissolved in a military coup.
COP261 November 202112 November 2021Global climate change conference. The CCM highlight of 2021.
Liverpool Women's Hospital bombing14 November 202114 November 2021Mysterious suicide bombing in Liverpool.
2021 Liverpool bombing14 November 202114 November 2021An IED that detonated in a taxi outside Liverpool Women's Hospital at 10:59am on Remembrance Sunday, killing the alleged perpetrator
2021 Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election2 December 20212 December 2021
2021 North Shropshire by-election16 December 202116 December 2021By-election in Shropshire.


New Groups

Alba PartyAlba Party.jpgScottish independence party, trying to take over from the Scottish National Party, which has moved closer to the British establishment.
Covid Commission Planning GroupCovid Commission Planning Group.pngThe deep state and Big Pharma preparing a once-in-a-century opportunity, led by Philip Zelikow, who was executive director of the 9/11 Commission
Labour Party/Future Candidates Programme/2021 to 2022Labour Party.jpgList of people longlisted for Labour candidacy for public office in 2021 and 2022. Described as Keir Starmer’s Patsy Pipeline.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Labour Next Generation/2021 and 2022Labour Party.jpg"The Next Generation Programme offers ambitious and talented councillors an unparalleled political development opportunity"
Equation CampaignEquation Campaign.pngRockefeller family financed organization to further its climate change agenda, utilizing "young people,indigenous people,black and brown communities,and poor people" as photogenic fronts.
Global Commission for Post-Pandemic PolicyGlobal Commission for Post-Pandemic Policy.pngA network of "commissioners" set up in 2021 to "frame priorities and help build consensus on policy solutions to strengthen societal and global resilience", i.e. coerced jabs and censorship of COVID dissidents. At least 14 members were Bilderbergers.
"Disinformation Dozen"Group.png"anti vaxxer conspiracy theorists" according to the Center for Countering Digital Hate
National Institute for Health ProtectionJenny Harries.jpg
Climate Action Against DisinformationGroup.pngA coalition of "climate and anti-disinformation organisations" intending to "eliminate the spread of climate disinformation" by creating "strong policies from both governments and tech platforms"


New Websites

GettrGettr.pnghttps://www.gettr.com/New "free-speech" platform, connected to Donald Trump, has strong censorship from the start.
GB NewsGB news logo.pnghttps://www.gbnews.uk/Britain's newest news channel.


Groups that were Wound Up

DynCorpDynCorp logo.pngA long established private military contractor. Whistleblowers have alleged that the group engages in child sex trafficking amongst other activities.
EastWest InstituteEastWest Institute 35.pngPublic Policy Think Tank
Center for Islamic PluralismGroup.pngU.S.-based "moderate Muslim" think tank set up by Daniel Pipes and Zionist activist Stephen Schwartz. Defunct since 2021.
Quilliam FoundationQuilliam logo.pngCommercial
Think tank
Greensill CapitalGreensill Capital.png
Proud BoysProud Boys flag.pngGroupA FBI affiliated "opposition" group.


Closed Websites

Al Masdar NewsWebsite.pnghttps://www.almasdarnews.com/Online newspaper whichfocused largely on conflict zones in the Middle East: Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.Attacked by the Us "national security" deep state. As of 2023, it appears to be inactive.
NewsBudNewsbud-blue-logo.pnghttps://www.newsbud.comIndependent research site founded by Sibel Edmonds, active 2016-2021. It was the continuation of Boiling Frogs Post.




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Hans van de Ven19532021Netherlands
Former SIGINT head of the Dutch MiVD intelligence agency in 1990s. Suspicious death ruled "natural death". House was burglarized shortly after, female found in house sought for fraud let loose. Police reopened case in 2022.
'SlimVirgin'2021Intelligence asset?Highly active and manipulative Wikipedia editor of many years.
Brian Sicknick30 July 19787 January 2021Washington DCPolice officerThe Capitol Police Officer who died after the 2021 Washington D.C. Riots. His official cause of death is still unclear.
Ashli Babbitt19857 January 2021Washington DCVeteranAn unarmed protester who was shot dead by Capitol Police in the 2021 Washington D.C. Riots. The identity of her murderer is being withheld.
Nancy Walker Bush Ellis4 February 192610 January 2021Bush familyDaughter of Prescott Bush, sister of George H. W. Bush.
Sheldon Adelson4 August 193311 January 2021CancerZionism
Deep politician
Multi-billionaire pro-Israel US sponsor of the US government
Franz Blankart27 November 193617 January 2021LucerneDiplomatSwiss diplomat who attended the 1988 Bilderberg meeting as head of the Federal Office for Foreign Trade.
Frans van den Hoven27 April 192321 January 2021Financier
Dutch businessman
Jackson Mthembu5 June 195821 January 2021South Africa
COVID-19/Premature death
Long running politician from South Africa, dies of Covid. His doctor has a fatal Helicopter crash the same day.
Louis Cabot192129 January 2021Central banker
Quad Bilderberger Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Eugenio Martínez8 July 192230 January 2021Spook
Jack Palladino9 July 19441 February 2021Traumatic brain injury following a robberyPrivate investigator
Deep state fixer?
American private investigator who became known for taking on high-profile and controversial cases, including Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. Died in alleged car robbery.
John H. Stein10 October 19322 February 2021Rhode IslandSpookCIA/Deputy Director for Operations. He escaped sanction during the Iran-Contra scandal as he reportedly was not part of the planning nor execution of the operation.
Robert Altman23 February 19473 February 2021United States
Deep state operative
Video game executive
George Shultz13 December 19206 February 2021Politician
US Cold warrior who attended the 1984 Washington Conference on International Terrorism
James Eayrs13 October 19266 February 2021HistorianCanadian historian of Canadian foreign policy who attended the 1967 Bilderberg
Ron Wright8 April 19537 February 2021US
COVID-19/Premature death
Texas congressman who died of COVID.
Richard Christian Dillard10 February 2021US
Political stafferAmerican political staffer
Alberto Oliart29 July 192813 February 2021PoliticianFormer Spanish defence minister Oliart claimed it was childish to "ask whether also under dictator Franco a secret right-wing army had existed in the country because 'here Gladio was the government'."
William Macpherson1 April 192614 February 2021JudgeLed the Macpherson Inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence.
Francisco Luzon Lopez1 January 194817 February 2021Spain
Spanish banker who attended Bilderberg/1995 before in 1996 getting leading position in Banco Santander.
Rush Limbaugh12 January 195117 February 2021Radio hostOpinion shaper of the 80s and 90s.
Fredrik Eaton26 June 193820 February 2021Diplomat
Attended 3 Bilderbergs around when he was Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.
Luca Attanasio23 May 197722 February 2021Democratic Republic of the CongoAssassinationPoliticianAmbassador assassinated in 2021.
John Magufuli29 October 1959March 2021Politician
COVID-19/Premature death
President of Tanzania who refused to institute a Covid lockdown and rejected WHO advice. Died aged 61 after harsh criticism by western controlled media. A close friend of Pierre Nkurunziza, President of Burundi who took a similar policy and died suddenly in 2020.
Sarah Everard1987March 2021British woman who was murdered.
Vernon Jordan15 August 19351 March 2021Activist
Deep state operative
Close friend of Bill Clinton. A member of the Bilderberg Steering committee who attended 34 Bilderberg meetings.
Alan Watt19654 March 2021COVID-19/Premature death
Dissident podcaster who died suddenly in March 2021 after prominent criticism of the COVID-19 Official narrative
Olivier Dassault1 June 19517 March 2021FranceAir disasterPolitician
French politician and billionaire. Killed in a freak helicopter crash.
Hamed Bakayoko8 March 196910 March 2021Germany
Freiburg im Breisgau
COVID-19/Premature death
Ivorian Prime Minister who died suddenly, some say of poisoning.
Goodwill Zwelithini27 July 194812 March 2021South AfricaCOVID-19Royalty
COVID-19/Premature death
Zulu King who reportedly died of COVID-19 in March 2021.
Carroll L. Hauver19 December 193018 March 2021SpookInspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency 1985-1988
Mark Boguski18 March 2021USSuicideDoctor
COVID-19/Premature death
American medical researcher that killed himself in 2021.
José Baselga3 July 195921 March 2021Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseaseScientist
COVID-19/Premature death
Chief cancer researcher at AstraZeneca dies at 61 of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, possibly an effect of the Covid jab.
Michelle Barlow197023 March 2021United Kingdom
Royal Albert Edward Infirmary
Blood clots
COVID-19/Premature deathBritish woman who died from the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19/Vaccine.
Petr Kellner20 May 196427 March 2021AlaskaAir disasterBillionaireCzech businessman who made large fortune on privatization. Died in helicopter accident.
G. Gordon Liddy30 November 193030 March 2021Author
FBI agent
Radio host
Hugo Portisch19 February 19271 April 2021Austria
JournalistUS-trained Austrian editor-in-chief and journalist who attended 4 Bilderberg meetings. His documentaries "helped to shape Austria's collective historical awareness".
Philip Mountbatten10 June 19219 April 2021United Kingdom
British royal family"I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus."
Ramsey Clark18 December 192711 April 2021New York
US Attorney General turned activist
Shirley Williams27 July 193011 April 2021PoliticianUK politician
Galen Weston29 October 194012 April 2021Billionaire
British Canadian Bilderberger billionaire businessman
Walter Mondale5 January 192819 April 2021US Vice President 1977-81 under GHWB
Idriss Déby4 March 193820 April 2021ChadPoliticianPresident of Chad, who was killed in April 2021.
Alpa Tailor198522 April 2021London
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
AZD1222COVID-19/Premature deathBritish woman who died from the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19/Vaccine.
Stephen Karanja29 April 2021Doctor
COVID-19/Premature death
Kenyan doctor who loudly said Covid-19 experimental vaccines "should not be given". Reportedly died a month later from "COVID complications".
Jürgen Conings28 September 1974May 2021Belgium
Hoge Kempen National Park
Killed by police?
SoldierBelgian soldier who threatened the Covid narrative and establishment in his country physically.
Pat SullivanMay 2021
Jonathan James Bush6 May 19315 May 2021United States
BankerAmerican banker who was son of Prescott Bush and brother of George H. W. Bush.
Tomer Eiges199516 May 2021Whistleblower
Attempted whistleblower at the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate who died in military prison
... further results
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