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Group.png Institute for Regional Security
(Think tank, Deep state milieuWebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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PredecessorKokoda Foundation
HeadquartersAustralian Capital Territory
Sponsored byAustralia/Department/Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Lockheed
Membership• C J Adam
• Ross Babbage
• Andrew Balmaks
• Simon Carroll
• Frances Chaloner
• Jasmin Crauford-Hill
• Chris Dowton
• Chris Gardiner
• David Irvine
• Miles Jakeman
• Adam Kamradt-Scott
• Paul Longley
• Philippe Lopez
• Carolyn McMahon
• Stuart Neal
• Lachlan Pender
• Zeke Solomon
• Namit Trivedi
• Rebekka Wheate
• Rhys Wheate
• Shaun Wilson
• Craig Valli
Spooky Australian think-tank

The Institute for Regional Security is an Australian military-industrial think tank.

According to its own description, "the Institute’s mission is the promotion of the peace, stability and prosperity of the peoples of the Indo-Pacific region through policy research, policy advice and advocacy, international dialogues, and the professional development of policy-makers."'[1] The "promotion of peace" seems to be pushing for increased armaments spending, more military alliances and a bigger security apparatus.

The Institute works with the Atlantic Council, among other things in the Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge. In 2019 the Institute managed the exercise, practicing a disruption of Australian oil refining infrastructure.[1][2] In August 2019, the Institute hosted a speech by NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg.[3]


The members are connected to the security industry. For example, Ross Babbage was previous Head of Strategic Analysis in the Office of National Assessments, David Irvine is a former ASIO Director-General of Security, while Zeke Solomon is member of the deep state Global Panel Foundation.

The institute runs a grooming program, the Future Strategic Leaders Program (FSLP), where "early-career professionals from Government, the military, police and intelligence agencies, and industry are selected into a program that provides opportunities for individual development, and contribution to the work of the Institute."

It also has a Women in National Security (WiNS) program "designed to encourage the recruitment, retention and levels of inclusion of women in the national security community."


Known member

1 of the 22 of the members already have pages here:

Zeke SolomonAustralian corporate resource development advisor and member of the spooky Global Panel Foundation.



Australia/Department/Foreign Affairs and TradeAustralian Foreign Affairs department
Australian Security Intelligence OrganisationTied to Anglo-American intelligence
Lockheed"Nobody is doing a better job of arming the world than Lockheed-Martin"
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