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Wikispooks pageDateWWWDescription
Africa Institute
American Enterprise Institute1943 - Presenthttp://www.aei.orgThe Godfather of Washington neo-conservative lobby groups
American Foreign Policy Council1982 - Present
Aspen Institute
Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom1994 - Present
Atlantic Treaty Associationhttp://www.ata-sec.orgA pro-NATO think tank.
Atlas Network1981 - Present
Brookings Institution1916 - Present
Cato Institute1977 - Present
Center for Global Development2001 - Present
Center for Medicine in the Public Interest
Center for Strategic and International Studies1971 - Present
Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Centre for European Reform
Centre for Policy Studies1974 - Present
Centre for Social Cohesion2008 - April 2011
Centre for the New Europe
Chatham House1920 - Present
Civitas2000 - Present
Civitatis International2002 - Present
Claremont Institute
Competitive Enterprise Institute1984 - Presenthttp://cei.orgA "vociferous anti-environmental" think tank.
Cornerstone Group group of Conservative MPs.
Council for a Community of Democracies2000 - Present
Council on Foreign Relations1921 - Presenthttp://www.cfr.orgA long established and relatively public organ of the US deep state.
David Hume Institute1985 - Present
Democracy Institute2006 - Present
Demos1993 - Present
Edmund Burke FoundationDecember 2000 - Presenthttp://www.burkestichting.nlA conservative think tank based in the Netherlands.
European Atlantic Group1954 - Present
European Policy Forum
First Defence
Foundation for Defense of Democracies2001 - Present
Foundation for Research on Economics and Environment
Fraser of Allander Institute1974 - Present
Frontiers of Freedom1996 - Present
Futures Forum
George C. Marshall Institute1984 - Present
Globalisation Institute2005 - Present
Henry Jackson Society11 March 2005 - Presenthttp://www.henryjacksonsociety.orgA British neocon political action committee supported by key US neocons and by two of David Cameron's closest advisers.
Henry L. Stimson Center
Hoover Institution1919 - Present
Hudson Institute1961 - Present
IMANI2004 - Present
Institute for Humane Studies
Institute for National Security Studies2006 - Present
Institute for Public Policy Research
Institute for the Study of Conflict5 May 1970 - 1989Original CIA funded "anti-terrorism" group
Institute for the Study of Terrorism1985 - 2000
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Page nameDescription
Ashland Institute for Strategic Studies
Bruges GroupOfficially, a eurosceptic think tank.
Cadogan Group
EastWest Institute
Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
Freedom Institute
Institute for the Study of War
International Institute for Environment and Development
New Local Government Network
Policy Search
Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
Prague Security Studies Institute
Progressive Vision
Security and Defence Agenda
Social Justice Scotland
The Muslim Institute

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