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Employment.png Netherlands/Prime Minister 
(Prime Minister)

Leader of• Dutch Ministry of General Affairs
• Netherlands
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Leader of the Dutch Ministry of General Affairs, NetherlandsBoss of the Netherlands/Deputy Prime Minister.

The current Prime Minister of the Netherlands is Mark Rutte.

Bilderberg connection

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands is very commonly a Dutch Bilderberger. The last Dutch PM not known to have attended was Dries van Agt, who got the job in 1977 and was unseated in 1982 by the 1981 Dutch Cabinet crisis, a suspected Dutch Deep state operation.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Dick Schoof2024
Mark Rutte14 October 20102024
Jan Peter Balkenende22 July 200214 October 2010
Wim Kok22 August 199422 July 2002
Ruud Lubbers4 November 198222 August 1994
Dries van Agt19771982
Joop Den Uyl11 May 197319 December 1977
Barend Biesheuvel6 July 197111 May 1973
Jelle Zijlstra22 November 19665 April 1967Triple Bilderberger
Willem Drees19481958


Related Quotation

Pieter Omtzigt“Long I've objected comparing Malta and the Netherlands. But here something else is not functioning. That is power and opposing power. There is such an intimate connection between the coalition and parliament, between the parliament and the media, between the parliament and the justice system. If you ask difficult questions, you become the problem. There is something wrong with the checks and balances. And it goes further. The criminal justice system doesn't work anymore. All the NGOs that hog the government's money, all don't work anymore. Know what happens nowadays? They don't dare to speak, because the government will kill their subsidy. We've organized or system so precisely that our flock of politicians values the party-chairman more than the electorate.”Pieter Omtzigt19 January 2021
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