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(trade unionist, politician, war criminal?)
Wim Kok.jpg
BornWillem Kok IV
Bergambacht, Netherlands
Died2018-10-20 (Age 80)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Alma materNijenrode Business School.
Children • Carla
• André
• Marcel
SpouseRita Roukema
Member ofDutch Round Table, Netherlands/Deep state, Quia Oportet, US/Department/State/International Visitor Leadership Program
InterestsSrebrenica Massacre
PartyLabour Party (Netherlands)
Dutch Minister of State, Dutch PM, Bilderberg, sued for war crimes in Yugoslavia where he and Jozias van Aartsen blamed "the wind" for missing targets by thousands of meters, killing dozens. Court found NATO and the Dutch Air Force and not the wind guilty, as NATO "used wrong legal basis".

Employment.png Prime Minister of the Netherlands

In office
22 August 1994 - 22 July 2002
DeputyHans van Mierlo
Preceded byRuud Lubbers
Succeeded byJan Peter Balkenende

Employment.png Leader of the Labour Party (Netherlands)

In office
21 July 1986 - 15 December 2001
Preceded byJoop Den Uyl
Succeeded byAd Melkert

Employment.png Dutch Minister of State Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
11-04-2003 - 20-10-2018
Was sued for war crimes in Yugoslavia. Advisor to ING, Shell, International Crisis Group and the Club of Madrid.

Employment.png Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands

In office
7 November 1989 - 22 August 1994
Succeeded byHans van Mierlo

Employment.png Netherlands/Minister of Finance

In office
7 November 1989 - 22 August 1994
Preceded byH. Onno Ruding
Succeeded byGerrit Zalm
Attended his first Bilderberg in 1993

Employment.png Member of the House of Representatives

In office
19 May 1998 - 22 August 1998

Employment.png Netherlands/Deputy Prime Minister Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
7 November 1989 - 22 August 1994
Succeeded byHans van Mierlo

Wim Kok was a Dutch Prime-Minister from 1994 to 2002, succeeding Gladio-liason Ruud Lubbers and teenage Adolf Hitler fan and former PM Joop den Uyl. Kok was mainly known for his role in being sued for war crimes in Yugoslavia and was advisor to ING, Shell, International Crisis Group and the Club of Madrid. He became a commissioner for the International Commission on Missing Persons in June 2002.

Earky Career

Kok was leader of the Dutch Federation of Trade Unions.


After Lubbers and his party were not part of a Dutch coalition cabinet for the first time in over 40 years following a surge of neo-liberalism and multiple scandals including the revelation of the Dutch Operation Gladio division, Kok led a coalition of neo-liberals and socialists for 8 years, in which the Dutch economy experienced a massive growth, and a budget surplus. Kok's last year was noted[1] for an increasingly large public revolt against the privatization of former local services and an large increase is violent crime or the fear thereof, as the golden age of TV meant uncensored images of the war on terror and "acts of terrorism" around the globe came in redundancy, with other important milestones being, joining the implementation of the EU, legalising euthanasia and gay marriage.[2][3]

Bombing of Yugoslavia

During the NATO-allied bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, The Dutch Air Force dropped multiple cluster bombs on the city of Niš on the 7th of May, and "accidentally" killed at least 14 people, injuring 30 others.[4] According to Human Rights Watch the General Dynamics F-16 fighter jets aimed for the airport but missed the target - by 2 miles - hitting the city centre[5] including a market and medical centre.[6][7][8] Four days later, a second bombing occurred - 4,3 miles from the airport, injuring 11 people.[9] When international correspondents visited the city, several cluster bombs were still laying in people's gardens, as injured citizens remarked the city was struck 3 times on that day, and for the 14th time in 35 days, according to Amnesty International. Following these incidents the Dutch became the first NATO country to not utilize cluster bombs and the US released an executive prohibition on the further use.[10]

After reports Dutch F-16s were also responsible for the failed bombing of the RTS TV-station on April 23 1999, The Dutch Union of Lawyers for Peace, several Dutch activists, the legal defence of Slobodan Milošević and a Dutch-Serbian Human rights group sued the goverment of Wim Kok and Foreign Affairs minister Jozias van Aarsen for the attacks in 2001.[11][12] The Dutch Court of Appeal in Amsterdam concluded the Dutch government (and by implication NATO) should've not used "United Nations Security Council Resolution 474 to justify the use of military force against Yugoslavia" and decided the government had violated international law by using force. After multiple district courts had refused to subpoena government officials for financial compensation, the Dutch Public Prosecution Service in The Hague ordered an investigation and send subpoenas for Prime-Minister Wim Kok and Foreign Minister Jozias van Aartsen for joint liability in 2004. Among others Defence Minister Frank de Grave appeared pleading not guilty and no harmful intent.

Van Aartsen defended the bombings by explaining the citizens could've known they were living next to NATO-targets, maintaining the official plausible deniability that the attacks weren't in harmful intent to civilians and blaming "the wind" for the deaths. Wim Kok revealed the bombings were indeed the reasons for immediately halting the use of cluster bombs and urged other NATO-members to follow, but said "you can't conclude we condemned the bombings because of that". Today, hundreds of unexploded cluster munitions can still be found in the Serbian countryside, despite the best efforts of the Serbian government to clear all of the sites of such munitions. [13]

It was the first time a western head of state was publicly questioned in court for the bombings in Yugoslavia.[14]

Drug Smuggling

Full article: Drug smuggling

Drug smuggling apparently is big business at Schiphol Airport since the 1990s at least, with Amsterdam known as the drug-capital of the world for tourists, utilizing both cargo and persons (split 50/50), as young as 13 years old, the Netherlands is called "a major transit route for cocaine, heroin and XTC.[15][16][17] Within 5 years of the establishment of an anti-drug unit at Schiphol in 1999 up to 2500 people were arrested for drug smuggling, and 11 million pounds was found in luggage and cargo. A leaked wikileaks memo revealed the US was concerned about the "very lenient policies on Schiphol", "catching and releasing low-level couriers", "not checking the baggage of employees working in shops on site". according to Minister of Justice Piet Hein Donner, at least 16 individuals of private companies working at Schiphol had been arrested for drug smuggling during that time.[18]

Royal Family

King Willem-Alexander Ferdiand's wife Maxima is the daughter of a vital coordinator (Jorge Zorreguieta) in the 1976 Argentine Coup. After the marriage was accepted in the early 2000s, parliament and the public wanted her father banned from ever coming here starting with the wedding.[19] Multiple people filed police reports against him. Queen Beatrix her secretaries even wrote personal intimidating letters to at least one of these men. When a book was released about this period and coup-head Jorge Videla, Videla wrote a letter to the writers, who forwarded it to the Dutch NRC where he admitted Maxima's father was a coordinator of the coup. Willem-Alexander as Prince at the time said "the interviews in this book have never taken place and the letter proves it!" and also said the letter was from a "trustworthy source" but couldn't name the source, repeating this to the NOS. Videla signed the letter himself. Kok furiously called the prince of the Netherlands and reprimanded him, according to Kok.[20]

Wim Kok criticized the Prince publicly which was highly unusual as they enjoy sovereign immunity by the constitution and started a secret investigation into Maxima's father with a prof. from the University of Amsterdam. Willem-Alexander his reputation was so damaged Kok asked old Gladio boss and Dutch Minister of State Max van der Stoel to ask Maxima's parents to not come to the wedding and future events. Maxima was quoted saying sorry for her father's actions, also remarking "he had the best intentions and I believe in him".[21]


Since Kok in the 1990s, no Deputy PM has ever become PM later on. Perhaps a sign of centralization of power. Kok's coalitions (noted for a rapid surge in economic growth similar to Bill Clinton) would become the main catalyst for the rise of Pim Fortuyn among the Dutch public, although some questions could be placed at how independent Fortuyn actually was, and if this narrative was not part of a strategy of tension leading up to 9/11, the war on terror or part off Quia Oportet, according to ISGP who hints at it being orchestrated some way between deep state factions.[22]


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/199322 April 199325 April 1993Greece
Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel
The 41st Bilderberg, held in Greece
Bilderberg/200315 May 200318 May 2003France
The 51st Bilderberg, in Versailles, France
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